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  1. A working, undetected HWID spoofer is more rare than undetected rust cheats.
  2. You obviously don't know how cheats work. He still needs and EAC bypass, whether he is making; aimbot, esp etc. Its pretty much all the same
  3. Yeh man, I used nord on a server, and I got banned as someone had got kicked banned on that server using the same connection as me. Nord is too common
  4. Well yeah if you have a static ip then you will get insta banned everytime?? Haha :ROFL:
  5. Good advice. Though if you get Hwid banned I'd recommend just wiping your HDD/SSDthen use a; hwid spoofer, mac spoofer and vpn. Much easier and probs safer. And wouldn't really recommend Nord as so many of nords connections have been blacklisted by EAC and rust servers.
  6. company of dumbs but they are cucking you? hahaha, pretty sure that means they are doing a good job.
  7. So you actually get HWID banned after ur first ban now?
  8. How02 is a solo coder. So if you can’t wait possible months after a new anti cheat update is released, go elsewhere to cheat that is up to date.
  9. If you knew they weren't working then why did you keep paying the payment every month?
  10. get good, private spoofer. or buy new pc.
  11. What’s he’s trying to say, EAC is claiming to only know about your CPU & GPU. Which is ofcourse a lie, they take a lot more than that.
  12. Lol, when you first install rust you agree to all of EACS TOS, which in the TOS you can see they tell you all the info they gather on about your computer. If you dont agree to TOS rust doesnt launch.
  13. How02 is making one. It will be some time before it’s done though.
  14. can you not read? he said " "It will take some time as the security is being revamped." No ETA, just wait...
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