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PUBG has been updated! The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.

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Found 77 results

  1. Videos of the black sector that I have created so far This video is a My blacksector Rust hack video I have created so far. I have not been able to create video because I can't Play Rust now, when the blacksector's Rust hack was updated I will create a better Rust hack video! If this topic is good, give me Like or upvote enjoy the my video I love Rust hack, I hope that the blacksector Rust hack will be updated as soon as possible  Rust hack pvp with BlackSector ↓↓↓↓↓↓PvP#1↓↓↓↓↓↓                https://youtu.be/e69ghSWqf28 ↓↓↓↓↓↓PvP#2↓↓↓↓↓↓ https://youtu.be/_uZO6EeINSU BlackSector play battle royale https://youtu.be/-CKfWDgtAQw Function explanation. speed hack a trick speed hack and debug camera             https://youtu.be/R9yfRNvg-No Function explanation https://youtu.be/-CKfWDgtAQw Amazing speed hack https://youtu.be/KrPzndQpWC0 BlackSector Aim bot menu https://youtu.be/8LED-0tnPMw Debug Jump https://youtu.be/eSI2RlJ219c -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. seiyadon1

    rust cheat

    I want to rust but I can not use hacks When will you finish making hacks?
  3. Hey guys, My question, is Rust Account Selling in this Forum allowed or not ? Thanks men Wait Wait Wait Wait ... Rust Cheat is commmmming ?
  4. RamX1

    Rust hack PvP

    New Rust Hack PvP Video!
  5. Как получить тест rust cheat
  6. elychandro


    oi bois this is ma new video from rust haxxoring 100% legit no aimbot da video :
  7. RamX1

    New Rust hack video

    New Rust hack PVP video!
  8. vladik2017332


    чит на раст есть
  9. HarmlessGoat

    Free Rust Services

    Free Rust Services What do we do? We are two bored hackers who enjoy to help out and make some of your enemies salty! What do we offer? Just to generally give you some hacker help in game. -Scout a raid -Kill some players and double your gear -Help you raid -Base defence -Farming -Play with you in game and just help you with everyday rust stuff we will not help you start over on any server you must at least a crossbow JOIN OUR DISCORD TODAY JUST ASK FOR HELP IN #request-a-service https://discord.gg/AbApqyj Providers https://blacksector.solutions/profile/14346-harmlessgoat/ https://blacksector.solutions/profile/20683-haramboy/
  10. TheDarkSword01

    Rust Cheat

    Are the cheats of Rust still private or is it possible to get them somehow?
  11. MrIch325

    [Review] Rust Hack

    Whats up, after using this for a month and barely any forum activity, I thought I should at least make a review ESP [10/10] > Probably one of the most fluid esp's I've ever used, no lags, no delays, everything smooth without problems. > You can customize every color and visibility for each category > Shows held item, distance, HP bar and even skeleton with animations > Can set keybinds for Resources, Loot, etc so you dont have to go to your menu every time you want to change what you can see Aimbot [10/10] > I don't think there is much you could improve, it predicts bullet drop, bullet speed, player speed and movement. > Customizable options for each gun that you can load and unload, with smoothing and humanizing options for each gun or in general. Misc [9/10] > Debucamera that you can bind to a key and exit any time > No fall damage, which is like featherfall (Kinda obvious if somebody sees you but so is no fall damage in general) > Probably the best speedhack out there. You can adjust the speed up to 5x (also with keybinds) and it also works for bandiging, syringes, etc only thing I'm missing is always hit ore hotspot and then its a 10/10
  12. Notorious

    Mouse for scripting

    I'm on the lookout for a new mouse, and considering the Logitech G502. Also heard good stuff about the Bloody mices, thoughts? I mainly wanna use this for recoilscrips in games like Rust, CSGO and PUBG. However i am a little concerned about getting banned. By the looks of it a few people have been banned for scripting with the Bloody mices. Or so they claimed. For all i know, they ran cheats in the background. I thought mousescripts was undetectable? Any more info on this? Dont wanna waste money on a mouse that wont do me any good. Give me your thoughts and experiences with your current mouse, please recommend if you got any. cheers
  13. Phyxius91

    (Rust) question.

    Hi all! Not sure if this is the place for it but i've been playing rust for a while now never really had any trouble but i was wondering, a friend of mine told me if people intentionally come up to you to get killed and report you everytime just cuz they want to get rid of you while you play legit is there a chance you can get banned?? would be really weird imo but i was really wondering... i mean if you hate a person so much you want to get rid of them you could just get them alot of false reports and get rid of em, quite unfair if you ask me. If this is true is there a way to get you unbanned for this aswell? or does that mean ur just done on that particular server? Kind regards, Phy
  14. HiTaSs84

    Fps Rust

    Here is some tips if you have lag issues, its simple but it works I couldnt find the video i was ment to post, but its almost the same so
  15. I think, it's a great hack because it's well done, and it has almost no bug in it, in all videos I watched on YouTube, none of them shows bugs, when I can buy it, I'll talk about it again in another topic
  16. Hey all, Would like to know your favourite rust hack feature. Mine is for sure the Debug Camera. It's so useful for checking out raids. Comment yours below!
  17. jtullius555

    How do i buy rust hacks

    hello i would like to know how i purchase the Rust hacks please can you tell me thank you
  18. I willing to pay more for the hack dont have all year to wait for an invite
  19. MorgK

    rust hack

    someone help i wanna buy the dam hack all site have like closed or invite only money waiting $$$$$$$$$$
  20. Hello, I am a new kid. Know here because Trembo Arts Channel Hope he sees my post. Have a question how can i change my name?
  21. So im considering of making an "book" of how to get "unban" i will give all my experience, and all my tools HWID/SPOOFER/VPN/ and so on, i have been cheating for over years and played rust over years and have over 40+ accounts banned, so now i wanna help other people out, im only doing this if you guys are interested Sorry for bad english, have an nice day
  22. RamX1

    amazing Rust hack

    I collected items in 2 hours using the black sector Black sector Rust Hack is god amazing AimBot! speed hack!
  23. Alexx525

    Rust Review

    Hey, i purchased this cheat for 1 week and i loved it. AIMBOT - Very is accurate, predictions are good too. Don't have what to say more about it, just awesome. ESP - Great, i had everything that i needed, it was good for raiding because i saw their cupboard, chests and traps. MISC - SpeedHack, NoFallDamage, DebugCamera, NoRecoil/NoSpread and Water Hack. Everything worked perfectly as i thought it will. MENU - I found everything fast and it was easy to configure. OVERRALL - 11/10. I recommend this cheat for everyone, it was best week of my playing rust. Don't hestitate and buy it.
  24. ZoomV1


    What types of servers is everyone playing on? Legit or with hacks. Does anyone here play non facepunch ran offical servers?
  25. ZoomV1


    Not sure if i'm about to answer my own question but why is it that the CSGO cheat is much cheaper than PUBG or Rust? Is it because CS cheats are easier to make or more common? IMO I think the CS cheat is a good price but I think that Rust should be around 20 USD. I also understand why it would be around 40 USD since Rust hacks are harder to create and have a good undetected cheat.

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