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Invites for PUBG and Rust are currently closed but they will open again soon !


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  1. Tmac doesnt work anymore? It works fine for me? Im Sure?
  2. Hello everyone : ) It's me again Anyway as we're all exited to see that the status of invites has changed to "Invites are currently closed but they will open again soon !" So let's face it it's exiting. So im here to tell you noobies about cheating against EAC (Rust) Now I Fucked Up Real Bad and i'll tell you why. So a little earlier in this year I had a lot of christmas money and i wanted to use recoil scripts, so there i went off to buy recoil scripts. So i went in blind with little knowledge about what a HWID is, and that EAC bans them. So i went through 3 bans and was like whatever i'll buy a new account. So while saving for some alts I went to play legit on my main And I Got banned on there ;( https://imgur.com/a/crc1rxD So i contacted EAC asking why i was banned etc and they didnt help at all. So i went on researching and found out what a HWID Ban was and realised i fucked up big time. Then I decided to buy a Spoofer ( I can recommend @how02's) Anyway I Could Play Again But i still got banned... Why you may ask? Because I left traces of EAC's files and kept my MAC address the same. So basically if you guy's have already been HWID Banned on rust Follow these steps: 1. Use Revo Uninstaller to fully remove Rust and use "Advanced" scan feature to clean game traces. 2. Use TMAC To change all of you're MAC Addresses. TMAC WILL PERMANENTLY CHANGE YOU'RE MAC ADDY 3. Use DarkCleaner to change all of you're GUID adapters and reboot you're PC 4. Delete Everything in you're "User Data" Folder in steam. (Clean This Every Time You Wanna Play Rust) 5. Make sure you don't use emails associated with a banned account. (Im Not Sure If Im Allowed To Post The EXE's For TMAC, Dark Cleaner And Revo Uninstaller so im not gonna post them unless @how02 Says otherwise) Every time You boot you're PC follow this: Run A Hwid spoofer and spoof everything USE A VPN I CAN'T SAY THIS ENOUGH Clear you're UserData Folder --------------------------------------------------------- Ok So Now For You Guys Who Are Not HWID Banned Trust Me And Follow What I Say: So you're new to the rust cheating community and want to hop right into game? Don't. So before you even open steam Buy A Spoofer And Spoof you're HWID Every time you restart your PC ( Do this so you're Main HWID doesn't get banned) And Use A VPN That's all i can think of rn. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh and if you don't Know what a HWID or a VPN is I'll explain: So A Hwid Is something unique to parts in you're PC such as HDD's and SSD's (There might be more but im not 100% sure) EAC Ban These So SPOOF!!!!!!! VPN - This is a Virtual Private Network That Masks you're IP. So you might be playing in England But Can Make The VPN Say you're Playing In America, Pretty Cool Eh VPNs I CAN RECOMMEND: NordVPN HMA- Hide My Ass Pro VPN Both Amazing Vpn's but unfortunately paid. Thanks For Reading
  3. spacey


  4. spacey


    Not sure if it has been mentioned but a ROE cheat would be cool. Im using one rn and it is kinda fin (ngl) And yes I do appreciate the fact that PUBG and Rust are being worked on and fully understand they can take a lot of time. Maybe we could see a cheat for ROE in the future? I guess time will tell <3 Keep Up The Work @how02 and @ViRTUS
  5. spacey

    Why You Should Buy BSS CSGO

  6. spacey

    Good Old Days BSS Rust cheating

    Looks so fun, if it ever comes back up then hopefully i can get in and use it : )
  7. spacey

    ask me anything you want

    im willing to go quite far as i've seen people use it in videos and it looks amazing lol
  8. spacey

    Why You Should Buy BSS CSGO

    Hey Guys, Kevin Spacey here Anyway Guys reason im here is to tell you why you should buy BSS. As we all know its the last 23 hours and 33 minutes of 2018 and this year has been great. Anyway back to BSS, BSS is an amazing low price cheat with a great community. Why is it so good you may ask? Well it's so good because @how02 @ViRTUS them, they work their asses of for us to use their CS cheats. At the end of the day they dont have to do it. They also have an amazing Support team featuring @mrtrademaster who is always happy to help. This low price cheat i have been with for 2 months and i have ran into some issues because of myself haha but the team have been happy to help. I recently made a video showing off some of the cheats. Ill link it so i dont have to do as much typing Anyway, the detection rate: I played so much Cs after purchasing this cheat as it makes CS great again, but a day after i posted that video i was banned BUT that video was posted after atleast a month of rage hacking and legit hacking and besides CS is free now so its detection doesnt really matter but overall that detection rate is amazing it took me like a month to get banned whereas i bought a Rust Recoil Script from somewhere else (Dont PM Asking where from) and ik its a different game but i got banned on there in 8 Hours. But overall BSS i would rate 20/10 and i recommend to new cheaters as its easy to use : ) Anyway guys this has been Kevin Spacey and i hope to see some new faces with the premium role : ) Thanks @how02 for this cheat : )
  9. spacey

    CSGO Preview (Video)

    slow it down in the settings, pretty much normal speed
  10. spacey

    CSGO Preview (Video)

    Yeah, i just started recording showing it off, then i was like fuck it lets make a preview
  11. spacey

    Rust Servers

  12. spacey

    Rust Servers

    Hello, ***Im not sure if this is allowed here so just tell me if it's not*** Ok so, guys has anyone got any experience running a rust server and is it easy? I'd just like to know as im thinking on starting my own rust server. Thanks
  13. spacey

    CSGO Preview (Video)

    Please Give Me Any Tips How To Make It Better : )
  14. spacey

    CSGO Preview (Video)

    Hello, as this is my first time attempting to edit haha i couldnt do much but here's a preview/showcase of BSS If you need my configs just send me a message and i'll be happy to help

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