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  1. Hi, Have anyone ever been banned on Rust using BSS and having their alts banned along with it? I know the "Status" is not "Undetected", but does anyone know a way to fix or help prevent it? Currently I've gotten 2 alts banned on different occasions using spoofer, vpn etc. Example ; I was playing legit on an account, restart computer, run spoofer, cheat etc, Play and then get banned, along with a ban on the account I wasn't cheating on.
  2. @how02 I would like to have a HWID reset and my Rust sub unpaused please.
  3. Spacey

    Rust Hacking #3

    And I think I know what one and your super lucky you have it
  4. Spacey


    An EFT (Escape from tarkov) Cheat would be good, it’s in pretty high demand as it’s a rising game and there’s only one big site who sells it and it’s very public on there the AC is EFT’s own and it’s very bad apparently Features: Speedhack Aimbot ESP/Chams and Loot ESP Auto unlock door with no key Radar Long Arms Ammo Counter Fast reload No visor Loot through walls Night Vision Theres more which I’ll add when I’m home but yeah it would be nice to see an EFT cheat. depending on the AC I think it should be an Invite Only and around £15/€15 a month Thanks
  5. Maybe CHAMS if possible, Radar, Rapid fire
  6. Maybe add an ark cheat? Just a suggestion not many places offer ark cheats (i havent seen one) and i'd enjoy them, what are your thoughts?
  7. Hello guy's, im surprised it's taken me so long to make this but eh, here we go. I am gonna talk about literally everything i can think of in this review so lets start. First of All The Community I wanna start with the community, this community is great, and guess what? This was the first cheating community I joined. I wanna give props to everyone here for giving me such a good time and being so helpful when i got into cheating. For example i had no clue what Chams where lmfao - Sounds retarded now if you ask me but yeah, we all start somewhere and i started here. Anyway The People: Everyone i've encountered in BSS have been so friendly and helpful and i couldnt thank you enough. Staff/Support @mrtrademaster @koshaan We all really do appreciate the time you put in to moderate the fourms and all the support you give, its great honestly. And for @how02 and @ViRTUS We really appreciate the cheats you guys provide. The Cheats Okay here im just gonna link previous threads on the review's CSGO: Video For CSGO: Rust: Video: PUBG: (Review In Progress) Video: Suggestions I feel that if you guy's made your selection wider for the cheats you would get a lot more customers. For Example, the other day I was looking for a seige cheat and I really didn't wanna install a really dodgy chinese R6 Cheat Although there are english known one's out there, there prices are rediculous wheread i feel like you guys could beat that and deliver a R6 Cheat That's not to pricey Just Some Games That Would Be Nice To Be Added: -Rainbow 6 -Apex Legends -DayZ -Squad -Maybe GTA V (You'd Be Surprised How Many People Want a GTA Menu) -Arma 3 Security Of These Cheats Right Here we go CSGO: 10/10 PUBG: 10/10 (Been using on my main account and not even a 24H Ban Yet) Rust: 4/10 (The reason im giving rust a 4/10 is because of how quick it got detected, i think it got detected in like a month and hasnt been fixed in almost 3 Months) I'm gonna add a little review of their Spoofer Because no one has done one yet -Easy To Use -Works -Currently Detected : ( But yeah my overall review of BlackSector Would Be........ 8/10 Thanks For Everything Everyone : )
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