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  1. Maybe CHAMS if possible, Radar, Rapid fire
  2. Aimbot, ESP, Dino ESP
  3. Maybe add an ark cheat? Just a suggestion not many places offer ark cheats (i havent seen one) and i'd enjoy them, what are your thoughts?
  4. Spacey

    pubg hacks

  5. Hello guy's, im surprised it's taken me so long to make this but eh, here we go. I am gonna talk about literally everything i can think of in this review so lets start. First of All The Community I wanna start with the community, this community is great, and guess what? This was the first cheating community I joined. I wanna give props to everyone here for giving me such a good time and being so helpful when i got into cheating. For example i had no clue what Chams where lmfao - Sounds retarded now if you ask me but yeah, we all start somewhere and i started here. Anyway The People: Everyone i've encountered in BSS have been so friendly and helpful and i couldnt thank you enough. Staff/Support @mrtrademaster @koshaan We all really do appreciate the time you put in to moderate the fourms and all the support you give, its great honestly. And for @how02 and @ViRTUS We really appreciate the cheats you guys provide. The Cheats Okay here im just gonna link previous threads on the review's CSGO: Video For CSGO: Rust: Video: PUBG: (Review In Progress) Video: Suggestions I feel that if you guy's made your selection wider for the cheats you would get a lot more customers. For Example, the other day I was looking for a seige cheat and I really didn't wanna install a really dodgy chinese R6 Cheat Although there are english known one's out there, there prices are rediculous wheread i feel like you guys could beat that and deliver a R6 Cheat That's not to pricey Just Some Games That Would Be Nice To Be Added: -Rainbow 6 -Apex Legends -DayZ -Squad -Maybe GTA V (You'd Be Surprised How Many People Want a GTA Menu) -Arma 3 Security Of These Cheats Right Here we go CSGO: 10/10 PUBG: 10/10 (Been using on my main account and not even a 24H Ban Yet) Rust: 4/10 (The reason im giving rust a 4/10 is because of how quick it got detected, i think it got detected in like a month and hasnt been fixed in almost 3 Months) I'm gonna add a little review of their Spoofer Because no one has done one yet -Easy To Use -Works -Currently Detected : ( But yeah my overall review of BlackSector Would Be........ 8/10 Thanks For Everything Everyone : )
  6. Rust cheat still up, but it's detected rn
  7. felt cute, might delete Pretty cool o
  8. Why not? I wouldn’t of told what cheat I was using etc if he wasn’t using the same. Besides what’s the most he could’ve done? Reported me? I get my accounts either free or like 30c so it’s nothing really
  9. It sounds awful saying it but i'd rather How know the truth than knowing a lie tbh
  10. Hello BSS, This Is My Testimonial For Rust. So A Little Background, I've been a part of this site for 6 Month's Tomorrow, I First joined looking for CS Cheats (As I was starting cheating off) So I bought a few months of CS and it was great, It's a great Cheat, I actually have a Review of it here : It Probably wasn't the 'Cleanest Review' but hey! Anyway yeah, I finally got into rust cheating so I looked month's (as i didn't have this cheat :P) and it was pretty hard to find a good one. But I found one Anyway here it goes. The Aimbot Works How You Would Expect It There Is Prediction I think this is one of the best Predictions on the market, it's OP as fuck and also a very smooth Prediction The ESP for BSS is great and very clean if you don't think it's clear there are some awful ESP's out there. I Think A Recommendation for visuals would be Chams, it would make the game even better but would also ruin the performance of your game. I Think One Other Thing That Would Be Cool Would Be To Change The BONE ESP colour and the brightness of it. There Are Some Very Good Misc Features, One's you'd expect in a normal cheat and ones that go beyond...... Such as being able to fly very high in the sky from clicking a certain button in a boat, It's VERY good for getting on people 10 story high towers with open roofs haha. Also very fun to troll friends with it. I Really hope it doesn't get removed. SECURITY Here in this section, I Don't wanna sound Un Grateful or anything but I'm gonna give my completely honest opinion here. Okay so when the Status was at Unknown, i would last day's before a ban, now I get banned on the loading screen. I feel like it got detected because it went "public" i feel when the resellers were selling keys it just made the cheat a lot more popular and feels like it went public. For Example i went on a combat tag server and met a guy called Scripts.exe ( Hey Jimmy ) Anyway i said "Look at this" Then Sprayed my AK and should him no recoil etc, he did exactly the same and i asked him what he was using, His answer was BSS and you don't expect to go into a random game and find a random guy using the same cheat as you. Or I wouldn't at least like I said i don't wanna sound ungrateful but that's my honest opinion on it. Performace I'm gonna be completely honest here as well, I think the performance is quite bad as i usually get around 70 Frames with a 1070, 24GB DDR4 RAM and an I7 7700k overclocked a bit but I'm not 100% sure if it's the spoofer or cheat. Other Than That Thank You @how02 for making rust cheating possible. Here's a Quick Note Also As A Recommendation's, Some Are My Idea's And Some Are @Rafiki's Idea's (From The List I'm Using) Here: Rapid FireChamsSilent AimAdmin ModeDeveloper ModeCustom Hit SoundsTimeScale Auto-Gather Sticky Climb (I think it's there, not 100% Sure Though) Recoil Slider Custom In-Game Time Name Spoofer One Last Thing, I Want to thank the staff and Admins here as well for making this community a great place. Oh and don't ask for support in the Chatbox, @mrtrademaster won't be very happy Also Thanks To @floW For The Heading Art. Here's a clip of rage hacking with the cheat, it's Loud and the intro is purposely cringey. Thank you Guys For Reading
  11. Spacey

    Rust Rage Hacking

    In my opinion, all rust cheats should be private as the devs have to maintain the cheat's status as well as making it safer, so if 100,000 people used it it would probably be detected right away, and people like me makes cheat's private? No that's completely wrong as the Dev's choose if it's private or not. Rant over.
  12. Spacey

    Rust Rage Hacking

    yeah haha and thanks
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