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  1. Hello can i buy the rust cheat, would be greatly appriciated
  2. The way I do it is getting the money in my PayPal balance, jt works for me
  3. @how02is this possible since I can’t even play for wipe, your guys’s PayPal is down
  4. facepunch servers mods are really inactive
  5. Hey @how02 do you think you could swap out my CSGO sub for the HWID spoofer as i never use the CS cheat (you can see when i last injected) and i'm kinda finding it useless since im not using it, im low on money rn and my spoofer sub is about to end and thats why im asking for it to be swapped, if you can't its fine thanks
  6. 1 - Im not to sure but im pretty sure you can 2 - You would've logged in with the same IP as the account that got banned 3 - Lets use rusty moose as an example; so basically Ernn (the owner of rusty moose) has perms to game ban people that she believes is cheating, if you get a gameban you *CANNOT* join any server until you get a new account. HWID bans are this way also, if you get a HWID ban your gonna need a spoofer to get by that to play rust again otherwise you'll be banned within 30 Mins - 1 Hour : )
  7. edit: i changed to asia servers and i had no issue using it @how02
  8. I click login and the loader just crashes, no idea why
  9. Hey, can you please reset my HWID as i bought a reset and turned out it was used on a spoofed HWID so now im locked out and cant play
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