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  1. ah ok, how02 should be online soon man just hold on
  2. you can do it on your own, store --> manage purchases
  3. you cant purchase it as its private and currently detected at the moment
  4. yeh thats right however certain streamers have the ability to ban players. For example hJune has developer abilities as in he can ban people if he sees fit, but you hardly ever would run into streamers anyways
  5. They don't have an admin team but if you hack and kill someone who has a direct contact line to one of the actual game developers then they will specifically come onto the server to ban you.
  6. last time I played, there were no mods for facepunch servers
  7. distort


    The fuck?
  8. distort


    use it at your own risk, status clearly indicates that it is detected...
  9. I live in Australia, and for some reason I always get into indian / Asian lobbies and the other night, I trolled an Indian man so hard using blacksector that he literally smashed his keyboard against his desk lmao you could hear the keys falling onto his desk...
  10. Ok yep i have done this now
  11. This guy single handedly: - runs this website - reverses engineers games to create simple to use and awesome cheats with heaps of features, all whilst being at a good price -bypasses the best anti cheat services in the world at this time - allows us to pause our subscriptions at request - provides comprehensive support if we are having problems with it This has provided me with countless of hours worth of entertainment and I just wanted to acknowledge his efforts, I cant imagine the amount of time and research that went into creating this service for people to enjoy, and you have inspired me to learn to program myself
  12. 22 https://prnt.sc/okdf1i
  13. distort

    Rust Hacking #3

    "Forever" *joined 22 March*
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