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  1. yeh I got invited back in March but I didn't have any time to play games up until now, hopefully an update for rust comes soon though because I'm always getting banned in 45 mins.
  2. Rust is detected. How02 is very busy at the moment as he is working on pubg and the hwid spoofer but a rust update will come in the near future so just be patient
  3. Wishing everyone a happy new years <3 let's make this year a good one boys
  4. The csgo cheat and hwid spoofer is public meaning anyone can buy it, PUBG is normally public and available to buy but right now how02 has taken it out of the store to work on the security of it. Rust is the only product which is private. To purchase this product, it requires an admin to generate an invoice personally for you, you can get achieve this through either being loyal or having connections :) my advice is to just be active around the forums, make friends and be helpful
  5. Skeet, onetap, fanta, novolinehook, fatality, aimware, Iniuria and more all got detected by vac. Meanwhile blacksector remains undetected because how02 is the goat
  6. ah ok, how02 should be online soon man just hold on
  7. you can do it on your own, store --> manage purchases
  8. you cant purchase it as its private and currently detected at the moment
  9. yeh thats right however certain streamers have the ability to ban players. For example hJune has developer abilities as in he can ban people if he sees fit, but you hardly ever would run into streamers anyways
  10. They don't have an admin team but if you hack and kill someone who has a direct contact line to one of the actual game developers then they will specifically come onto the server to ban you.
  11. last time I played, there were no mods for facepunch servers
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