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  4. It appears you aren't logging into the correct account, as you do not have any subscription here. I believe @Slumdogidiot is the correct account.
  5. now i cant even log in to my account wtf are u doing ? this is pure shit, fix it now
  6. Got nada, and now i cant even login to the cheat because it says its best to dowload the loader again. jeeeeeez. and no help....
  7. I have been using it for 2-3 years now and apart from some minor breakdowns it has been working flawlessly. It's a pretty good legit cheat and it depends ofc on the different cfgs you are using. I use 4 different cfgs Blatant, Prime and Prime Lite.. Occasionally I use Super Rage cfg when the situation demands it but be careful with it. The cfgs can be found here to be downloaded. Blatant.dat Prime Lite.dat Prime.dat Super Rage.dat
  8. Our CS:GO cheat is still working and undetected. I don't even remember when was the last detection.
  9. Is the cheat is still in good standing ? I've been using it in the past and i loved it Can someone remind me when was the last ban wave please ? I'm sad that we can't pay by CC/Paypal anymore
  10. ok thats shit from paypal ... but all your paymet options.....are not available to me ..... can help me
  11. probably not, pubg kinda sucks as a game now. I doubt that any profits the devs would make would be worth the work. Also, I think this site is just abandoned in general.
  12. You could always try contacting Steam support, if you indeed haven't run any cheats. However the chance of getting unbanned is very low.
  13. Unfortunately our business is against PayPal's ToS and they have no problem suspending our accounts.
  14. most of people need paypal ^^ me too or psc
  15. Hello , how would i get my account unbanned, i didn't use any cheat , i was playing on faceit servers and suddenly when i was shooting on someone went out from jungle i got banned, i was very upset , how would i get banned for something i've not , like what is valve problem, can someone tell me more about this, i wasn't cheating or using any scripts , not even Bhop script. i was using my brain and my pc
  16. Contact Banek and try Skrill its like Paypal ..
  17. are there any resellers who accepting paypal? banek isnt accepting pp since 2-3 months now
  18. It seems the transaction is still pending on the blockchain... Unfortunately this is beyond our control. My best guess is to wait, it will eventually be processed.
  19. Hello. I paid for my csgo aimbot extension using btc but the fee for my transaction was too low so it took 12 hours to confirm. However, the limit time to pay for any order is only 8 hours. Thus, I did not get my extension but yet, the btc still got sent away. Please assist me on this. Order #96937 Please find attachment for proof of transaction.
  20. You'll need a new Hard Drive at the very least. They may take the serial of your GPU also, trial and error is probably the best way to find out what is tagged.
  21. Most Texts have a TL;DR below them so just read them instead of the Text if you don't want to read the whole thing So a few weeks back (about 12-13) I started playing Rust again after having stopped for a year or so. I quickly found a nice PvE server to play on bc i don't like PvP bc i don't want to commit to a base and keep it up for 30 days or so bc i don't want to play rust every day just to gather resources or so. (TL;DR: I play PvE instead of PvP bc I don't wanna deal with the stress which keeping up a base requires) I joined a server and found a guy which was very talkative and was helping me get started on the PvE server bc i only had like 70 hours or so at that point. We got into a TeamSpeak and later discord and he showed me some stuff and gave me some of his unneeded stuff. The next day he added me on steam and I added him. Then after he invited me onto a PvP server for me to practice PvP (so that I may one day will be able to join a normal match without getting killed by fully equiped guy seconds after walking away from the spawn point) and I was pretty good with it. I was consistently dominating him with the crossbow and the Compound bow and the snipers but he would mostly dominate me with the Rifles and Shotguns. (TL;DR: I met a guy on the PvE server and he helped me get started again and we were basically Rust Buddy's and would PvP each other on a PvP Server, to both get better at it) Then 3 or 4 days after I started playing again I was unable to join any server. My Game would load the Prefabs and everything else and when you would normally join the server, my game would either crash or exit to menu. I then verified Game Files Through steam and It was fine. I tried again and could still not join. I then decided to just uninstall and Install again in hope of fixing the problem, which worked. I then would proceed to join the PvE Server my friend was playing on. The server just wiped and I claimed my starter Kit (Axe, Pickaxe and some food/bandages). I then joined the TS and talked with him and began resource gathering. Suddenly i get disconnected and was surprised. Upon trying to reconnect It said: "Disconnected: Steam Auth: gamebanned" (TL;DR: I was having problems joining Servers and had Steam verify Game Files and reinstalled the Game, which then allowed me to join again. After joining the PvE Server I was cocked and greeted with: "Disconnected: Steam Auth: gamebanned") I told my Rust buddy and he was just as confused as me. After then writing to Facepunch they told me it was a EAC Ban and to contact them, which I did, but they never responded. So now I have a false gameban on my profile and I'm not able to play a very good game with my friend I made along the way. I really miss playing Rust and I either way plan on upgrading my PC. So I figured to build a new system / upgrade and just take the GPU (bc the prices are very high ATM)(and maybe hard drives and PSU over) and transferring all my Skins for other items and everything else I could to a burner account and then to my new acc and hoping for the best. Would this technique work or would I be 100% guaranteed a HWID ban and would I be able to evade it by just saying I bought the Parts off of eBay or so? Addition: I was playing HvH in CS:GO (I do not Cheat in Public Servers or Competitive or Anything and I'm not really the God at CS:GO but I still don't want to ruin someone's match by cheating) before I fired up rust and did not restart my PC after quitting or before starting Rust
  22. 目前反截图依然存在安全风险,作弊可以正常使用,但是风险自付。
  23. If the hwid spoofer is working as expected, then no you won't be banned again.
  24. if i use a thing that manually changes my HWID and buy a rust acc and use a vpn will i be good
  25. ok but will i get banned again later
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