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  5. CSGO Review.

    You can definitely change chams so that they are only visible behind walls, it's in the color changer! You should be able to find options for T and CT (Chams - Visible) and (Chams - Not Visible) in the color changer, switch everything to 0 on not visible and you'll no longer see them through walls.
  6. Rust

    I think soon.
  7. Rust

    Are you planning to sell hacks for rust?
  8. When i can buy the pubg cheat?

    It's not for sale yet.
  9. I am interested in the pubg cheat. When i can buy it?
  10. My application : ) Much love

  11. [VIDEO] BlackSec PUBG More Cheating

    Really Nice Hack. Nice VID! Please post more
  12. [VIDEO] BlackSec PUBG More Cheating

    good video
  13. Earlier
  14. Sponsored

    your applications was rejected, please read the requirements here: //closed
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  16. What did I just find here ;)?

    Hey, I think you're taking this the wrong way. I'm not really accusing, I just found it interesting. This is a topic where everything can be discussed, no? I was exploring RG's website last night, and I can assure you with 100% confidence that it was not there last night. Since when is curiosity and investigation related to my social life? Geez, man. Edit: It should also be noted that that comment is in the HTML, not the YT Webplayer portion. Unless he has admin access to RG's website... And what do you have against browser tools?
  17. What did I just find here ;)?

    ya...no... unless u checked the html over and over... (which i doubt since...you would really have no life) you wouldnt be able to tell... NoobLN is a reseller, that video in the background could be his with his QQ tag. If you going to accuse someone of something please have significant proof. Not some half-assed inspect element.
  18. Was casually exploring this website a bit, when I found this new line added within the last 12 hours. What is NoobLN up to;)? https://gyazo.com/8f43e190658f6a61db8d43d0830023b9 Far right. Did some digging, found him here.
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    link channel.
  20. Sponsored

    I have not made the video yet, but if I do, I can be sponsored? My channel is not big.
  21. Sponsored

    link channel.
  22. Sponsored

    If I make a video demonstrating the CS: GO Cheat can I be sponsored?
  23. Rust Wipe

    its not for sale right now.
  24. I need to buy rust cheat help pls.

    its not for sale right now.
  25. I need to buy rust cheat help pls.
  26. Rust Wipe

    İ buy rust hack.help me pls
  27. Fortnite

  28. Fortnite

    cheat is discontinued/no longer for sale.
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