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  2. Steamby is partnered with SwiftGames now btw. They are moving to Swiftgames to sell everything. They already have a store setup and some stuff moved already. Got the link. https://swiftgames.us/store/steamby/
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  4. Honestly I did everything I can. The best solution is getting a new pc
  5. Squish

    Rust feedback

    Just play without a monitor? simple?
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  7. Tmac does not work against eac as it used to like a year ago. Getting hwid banned these days, new hdd/ssd wont do shitt.
  8. 나는 pubg 해킹을 사고 싶지만 나는 원하는 신뢰 문제가있다.
  9. No of course not. It’s not that simple. After you get a hwid ban, it’s honestly one of the worst things that can happen, especially from rust since they practically have one of the best version of eac. Anyways, best bet, after you find a working spoofer, download a few apps, Revo unistaller, and tmac. Also download a vpn. Use revo unistaller and remove everything (use advanced setting) from steam and rust, this will delete any files lying around (from your registry etc) use tmac and permanently change your MAC address. Use the vpn at all times, unless you have a dynamic ip, reset router to change your IP. The most important thing here is having a working spoofer, MANY spoofers don’t work and will end up getting you banned again at the end of the day. Good luck.
  10. Well not really, depend if he is HWID banned since a few Months, if yes then maybe it can do the job, but New HWID bans are more than HDD/SSD
  11. Buying a new HDD or SSD will do the work (format and install windows on the new one ofc)
  12. Last week
  13. A working, undetected HWID spoofer is more rare than undetected rust cheats.
  14. The PUBG hack is private meaning that you need an invitation to use it.
  15. You can log into same emails, fb etc with the other pc, no problem doing that. I was hard hwid and prob still am, haven`t touched rust in months now due to no working spoofers. When i had my other pc, i used same fb, bank accounts, hotmails and gmails without getting banned on the other pc and i switched from pc to pc several times a day. Played for a couple of months before the old pc took a dive.
  16. Like any accounts that you logged into on your old computer, don't log onto them on your new computer, it's not only if it's connected to steam just don't login to them on your computer as a whole just to be safe
  17. Ok and when you say gmail accounts do you mean like connect them to the new steam account or literally don’t log into the gmail accounts like on google ?
  18. Yeh new computer and you should be all good to play. Just a word of warning to not sign into any steam accounts which were on your old computer, and FYI my mate was once hwid banned so he bought a new computer, and he signed into his Gmail account on his new computer and EAC logged that and hwid banned his new computer, so I would suggest to make new accounts on your new computer (don't sign into FB if it was on your old computer, any bank accounts, any Gmail accounts) because EAC logs this shit if it's a true hwid ban and they will flag your new computer
  19. so if i just buy a whole brand new computer and never touch any of the banned accounts i can play legit again ? no spoofer no nothing?
  20. So what about me? will you help me?
  21. In this case not, maybe tp/home trick? or boat glitch? I think that was patched
  22. admin play and cheat sometime, most of admins i saw playing placed boxes on rock
  23. why would an admin place hidden loot or even play?
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