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  3. [VIDEO] Blacksector PUBG - Beta testing

    I don't mind the editing it's still enjoyable and can see the features of the cheat, I like the music.
  4. Q642209034 欢迎咨询~~~
  5. How do i get trusted?

    https://blacksector.solutions/topic/1409-pubg-invite-trusted-member/ //closed
  6. How do i get trusted?

    Trying to buy your PUBG hacks. Lemme know whats good mods and admins.
  7. [INFO] How to get PUBG cheat.

    People that actually want a secure cheat will pay for quality stuff, keep it up guys.
  8. Yesterday
  9. [VIDEO] Blacksector PUBG - Beta testing

    look very good and a realy good work at the creater again
  10. CSGO Legit Hacking Tripaloski

    Good job, I like it.
  11. Last week
  12. Hardware ID reset?

    Try this :
  13. Gamersclub

    If I'm not mistaken Gamersclub uses EAC. If that's the case, the cheat won't work.
  14. Gamersclub

    if there is no client then it should be fine.... we only officially support vac
  15. Gamersclub

    This cheat for cs go is supported by gamersclub anticheat?

    I got the code and accidently redeemed it on an alt account
  17. Hardware ID reset?

    Hi, I got second computer (laptop) and im not at home now so i cant play with my main computer. Is there any possibilities to reset hardware id so i can play with laptop now? - Boostpal
  18. Please do not comment thanks or +1, INSTEAD use the upvote system on the bottom right of this post. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sid-meiers-civilization-iii-complete
  19. CSGO Review.

    Many videos online, including some that @Finn has made. 100% buy it, insanely good for Legit and the customisations are insane for a legit cheat.
  20. [INFO] How to get PUBG cheat.

    Bro ! It's AimPerfect this
  21. [INFO] How to get PUBG cheat.

    This hack you have for 24 dollars will get detected in an hour.
  22. [INFO] How to get PUBG cheat.

    no.. just 24 dolar.. [ Cheat price (once invited): 19,99€ ($23,99) / month ] blacksector really expensive.. this real..
  23. [VIDEO] Blacksector PUBG - Beta testing

    The menu is very clean and looks nice The aimbot is very good and accurate wait wait wait and wait ; ))
  24. [VIDEO] Blacksector PUBG - Beta testing

    *cough* told u
  25. [VIDEO] Blacksector PUBG - Beta testing

    you should disable resample in vegas, it creates all the blurry parts u see makes the video much more enjoyable, and especially when you speed up video. But yea id like to watch edited footage with highlights instead of a full sped up game and not sped up footage when theres action happening
  26. [VIDEO] Blacksector PUBG - Beta testing

    It was meant to be sped up because its a full gameplay, I didn’t want it to be a killcam. But thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it <3
  27. [VIDEO] Blacksector PUBG - Beta testing

    Yeah, nice gameplay vid but i`d rather see some highlights then just speed up vid.
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