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PUBG has been updated! The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. elychandro

    Lust Cheat

  2. elychandro

    How to buy cheat RUST?

    estimated time of arrival or something like that
  3. elychandro

    (Question/Request) Rust HWID Ban - Spoof

    for rust customers i heard it will be free but how02 didnt make a force decision yet
  4. elychandro


    well i am still playing on that acc and no ban yet soooo
  5. elychandro


  6. elychandro


    i can confirm that you get hwid+ip unbanned after 3 months. person experience
  7. elychandro

    HWID Ban

    well seems like its true that you will get unbanned after 3 months, still not banned
  8. elychandro

    Insurgency Free to Keep for 48 hours!

    thanks dude
  9. elychandro

    HWID Ban

    im in game for like 3,5 hours and not any ban *YET* Im gonna post comment here ifim ognna get banned
  10. elychandro

    HWID Ban

    so everything including IP is unbanned after 3 months?
  11. elychandro

    HWID Ban

    Hello, I got HWID banned on rust 3 months ago ~, Rust has EAC so do you think if I'm gonna play on any other game that has EAC I'm gonna get banned too because HWID Ban from rust?
  12. elychandro

    HWID Ban Question

    yea i guess you need to buy new computer..
  13. elychandro


  14. elychandro

    rust another b1g v1de0

    was playing with 180 fov on pvp server

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