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  1. the song is really fucking dogshit but the gameplay is quality
  2. it's not gettin public / invite free until it'll be ud
  3. This video is old, cheat may got updated from now on. But enjoy
  4. definitely scam lol , who sells shit on discord is 100% scam
  5. i'm gonna start uploading again soon
  6. well you need to use vpn if you're hwid banned don't you? (by that I mean hwid ban includes IP ban?)
  7. also is it strange that I've got hwid banned and after 3 months i used literally everything same and I didn't get banned ? (9.7 hrs played from now on)
  8. BRO they literally log your dna n shit bro you gotta go on plastic surgery to play your favourite game rust again bro bro bro
  9. elychandro


    Could you dm me the cheat provider link you're using??
  10. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/11194/lust
  11. estimated time of arrival or something like that
  12. for rust customers i heard it will be free but how02 didnt make a force decision yet
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