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  1. no ones messing with u bro rust has been undetected for a long time been using it too🤣🤣🤣
  2. buy a new account, don't cheat wait for a bit and if you're not gonna be banned in a couple of hours then you're not hwid banned, to bypass hwid bans you need an hwid spoofer
  3. why would you want to spoof your hwid in a game that doesn't ban hwids?
  4. the song is really fucking dogshit but the gameplay is quality
  5. it's not gettin public / invite free until it'll be ud
  6. This video is old, cheat may got updated from now on. But enjoy
  7. definitely scam lol , who sells shit on discord is 100% scam
  8. i'm gonna start uploading again soon
  9. well you need to use vpn if you're hwid banned don't you? (by that I mean hwid ban includes IP ban?)
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