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Found 22 results

  1. oi bois this is ma new video from rust haxxoring 100% legit no aimbot da video :
  2. https://youtu.be/vucTyY951fQ
  3. Hey guys, My question, is Rust Account Selling in this Forum allowed or not ? Thanks men Wait Wait Wait Wait ... Rust Cheat is commmmming ?
  4. RamX1

    Rust hack PvP

    New Rust Hack PvP Video!
  5. New Rust hack PVP video!
  6. Whats up, after using this for a month and barely any forum activity, I thought I should at least make a review ESP [10/10] > Probably one of the most fluid esp's I've ever used, no lags, no delays, everything smooth without problems. > You can customize every color and visibility for each category > Shows held item, distance, HP bar and even skeleton with animations > Can set keybinds for Resources, Loot, etc so you dont have to go to your menu every time you want to change what you can see Aimbot [10/10] > I don't think there is much you could improve, it predicts bullet drop, bullet speed, player speed and movement. > Customizable options for each gun that you can load and unload, with smoothing and humanizing options for each gun or in general. Misc [9/10] > Debucamera that you can bind to a key and exit any time > No fall damage, which is like featherfall (Kinda obvious if somebody sees you but so is no fall damage in general) > Probably the best speedhack out there. You can adjust the speed up to 5x (also with keybinds) and it also works for bandiging, syringes, etc only thing I'm missing is always hit ore hotspot and then its a 10/10
  7. Hey all, Would like to know your favourite rust hack feature. Mine is for sure the Debug Camera. It's so useful for checking out raids. Comment yours below!
  8. hello i would like to know how i purchase the Rust hacks please can you tell me thank you
  9. lukitsu


    pubg and rust hack not working in this website i cant see prize
  10. I have created a video of Rust cheat of black sector I strongly recommend you see it!!
  11. Hope you guys enjoy Was a fun little edit, you want anything edited pm me Let me know what you think (Had to reupload because, logo was messed up)
  12. For how long do I have the hack if I buy the Full version?
  13. Id like to see a r6 cheat in the near future, yall already have a battleye bypass don't you?
  14. Dear Friends & Users, Creative Creators & Youtuber, since so many of you, make clips, movies and other creative content on diffrent media platforms, we decided to make a competition! Everyone of you, have the chance to be honored for your content. We want so see everything! Movies, Clips, Logo, Avatars, Backgrounds ... everything! Feel free to be creative in every possible way! The Rules? it have to be your own content! clips and movies have to been uploaded on youtube as not listed. you accept that we gonna upload your clip on our youtube channel and honor your work! Aswell every fortnite content creator should read this: We wish you all good luck! End: 31.10.2017!
  15. any update on a rust hack? i just joined and amlooking to buy
  16. UPDATE: Dear Users! The Battleye is coming.. Fortnite is going to drop one of the best Anti-Cheats on the market today, were working on it. Were working on every support ticket and every question you make. No, were currently not ready for Battleye, but were working on it. No, you dont lost your Money, just take you time, drink some tee or cola and wait till our Staff team decided what is going to happen. No, we cant give you any Date for a Cheat Update. If you got any questions, please here. Greets!
  17. So far my experience with BlackSector Solutions has been the best by far, in terms of the zero to some amounts of help given. lol I've asked a few times in the shoutbox about the CSGO cheat's aim settings and i didn't get a reply until the day after... This is in the shoutbox, mind you. As for the csgo cheat, I'm not really feeling like it's really good for legit play, I feel as if I've been robbed with how good this cheat was, as soon as I used it a few times, I wasn't really liking it. You can tell yourself that you're cheating with how the bot works. I was going to apply for a refund... But let's be honest, that ain't gonna happen. I don't even know why there is a silent aim option since it does nothing. The good things are that the skin change is good, bunny hop, etc. Is working fine. Good sections. Security is the best by far when it comes to this though, don't really have to worry about anything. I'm sure others can agree with me. But are just not speaking out. Thanks
  18. Hello, Can i buy BlackSector AIM by Paysafecard?
  19. Haha if youre looking for a place to fight hackers in rust go to the server called Uk barren 1, it is kinda fun to see how bullshit people play I really wonder where they get such sick hacks!
  20. Hello guys, here is my personal Review after one week using this hack. Sorry for my potatoe english but you will love it <3 Aimbot: 8/10 Why I give only 8 points? First of all the aimbot works like a charm! But it needs more love to work smooth. He works a little bit frantic in my opinion. I tried the humanize function and i dont feel any difference, or maybe I am to dumb to set it up correctly ESP: 10/10 This ESP is one of the best ESP what you can imagine. So much you can display with it. You want to hunt a beautiful bear but you dont find one? Then turn this beautiful ESP on! You want to farm Stone but you dont find any sulfur, metal or Ssone spot? Then turn this beautiful ESP on! You looking for weaponcomponentchest but you dont find any shit? Then turn this beautiful ESP on! Misc: 9/10 The misc features in this hack are awsome! The possibilitys with the settings are endless! You know already the features because everyone posted them! All what I need to said is, that it works perfectly!! All of them! The ladderhack should be run smoother but this is crying on a high level ;D Performance: 10/10 My mind is blowing away with this awsome performance!! - No fps drops!! - Inject so fast like a bolt - Sometimes the Picture is flaring but I dont give a fuck Thank you for your hard work! Hope for a bright future! Greetings furchenlurch88 <3
  21. How am i supossed to buy the hack or something like that ?
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