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  1. Doty

    CSGO Full

    You cant the only way is to play with someone with a higher trust factor, it will tell in the lobby that yours is lower than the person
  2. Not anytime soon i guess... pubg and rust are detected for a long time
  3. I use 3 hard drive and i only reset my hard drive that got windows on it but doing a full wiping would be better i guess. the best idea would be to get a ring-3 spoofer (permanent spoof until you reset windows) If you get banned again all the new components will get banned like before. As i said its more likely that your gpu will lead you to a hwid ban
  4. You will need to reset your windows from your old hardware and i would still recommend to use a spoofer. You can try but my guess is that you will be banned because of your gpu id. If by any chance you dont get banned yes you can still use your old account but never launch rust from that account.
  5. How02 isn't a scammer lmao before calling him a scammer contact him on telegram at least
  6. Doty


    The cheat is invite only but here some quick answers about the invite system
  7. he wont invite anyone until the cheat is 100% undetected
  8. You should Contact him on telegram he will answer you way faster there As How02 said it should be working But status is still unknown
  9. Doty

    Rust feedback

    depends dude last time it was detected and i lasted over 2 weeks
  10. Doty


    my friend bought a knife to be more legit Lol after someone just stole hes account rip
  11. You got Hwid banned I cant really help with this but i know that you need a hwid spoofer or change your hhd or ssd
  12. He will prob update pubg again before rust
  13. Doty

    Rust Cheat

    Nice review we all know that rust on bss is the best :p
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