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  1. smaller userbase + hard to get = a better way to keep it ud
  2. for which game? eac is working fine atm even due unknown status
  3. Add to cart and checkout, profit.
  4. Aimbot: 10/10 noone called me so far as a cheater. Radar: 10/10 its like in every game and u can customize it pretty good. Visuals: 9/10 they look really clean and u have anything you need, would like to see a feature like "disable loot esp" when u are close to enemies, cause sometimes u can't see much when there alot of guns on the ground and like 2-3 enemies around you. Misc: 9/10 I love the misc section like double jump or no fall damage its really P. Menu: 6/10 Tbh im not a fan of this menu and I had some issue's with saving my config sometimes a few things doesnt got saved, but overall its okay cause its really easy to set everything up. Best Regards Fat American @how02 Good job
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