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  1. learn to read retard, i have already bought and been using a different one. you should stop riding the STAFFS dick! doesnt your asshole hurt from going up and down on that big old shaft?
  2. HaHaHaHAaa i can name you 4 cheat marketplaces out of the top of my head filled with SPOOFERS. So dont act like you know what you are talking about... i already use a different spoofer but i like the bss spoofer because of the ability to create profıles.
  3. 6 months.... is plenty of fucking time you cunt, wtf do u know about programming? STFU, kiss ass!
  4. it has been 6 months now and the spoofer is still detected and not for sale. Why does it take so long for you guys to update the spoofer? Are you not interested in earning money? Has the developer that created the spoofer ran away and now you guys arent able to update it without access to the source code? what is the reason why you guys wont update the spoofer!!! This was the only reliable spoofer on the market and now its gone... and please dont come with answers like 'soon'! just be honest please!
  5. Get yourself a good spoofer.
  7. can you allow me to purchase it? or add maybe 2 -3 days to my license so i can test something out. because last time it was detected i was able to use it without getting banned.
  8. Are you guys planning on updating it anytime soon? i really need this spoofer!
  9. been more then a month now and still no update on the spoofer.
  10. Please Apex Legends with ''Perfect SilentAim'' for a reasonable price with monthly subscriptions.
  11. İ didnt know where to post this because i didnt saw a support section. İ just bought a hwid spoofer here and spoofed my hwid. so my question is do i need to run the spoofer each time i restart my computer?
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