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Invites for PUBG and Rust are currently closed but they will open again soon !


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  1. Thanks for the review Use https://csgostash.com/
  2. So its confirmed EAC is logging your PC case. Everyone start buying $10 cases!
  3. birthday is coming up in 273 days will turn 13. Would be a miracle if I got hot nudes from you trying to stay active on here as much as I can, even in school I check BSS every 30 minutes I know XD hopefully something happens XD
  4. Don't think it will happen again as we have added some security features to try to prevent any further detections. I dont know what "Ini" is.
  5. Last detection was in May, when all the internal cheats were detected.
  6. Yes, it should work for fortnite but you might have to also reinstall your windows to be 100% sure.
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