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  1. sorry rust applications are closed
  2. mrtrademaster


    depends if you are only account banned, ip banned, hwid banned or soft banned.
  3. mrtrademaster

    BlackSector - More Radical Heights (Soon™)

    Rip this game
  4. mrtrademaster


  5. mrtrademaster

    buy? how to buy?

  6. mrtrademaster

    I can't open the apply link

  7. mrtrademaster

    cracked rust cheat Sell Suggest

  8. mrtrademaster

    Rust Hacking #32: PVP and Counter Raid

    nice flying skills
  9. mrtrademaster

    PUBG ask

  10. mrtrademaster

    The cheat works with the new PUBG update?

    yes yes no
  11. mrtrademaster

    Radical Heights

    Yes, there is a cheat coming out for radical heights. No, an ETA has not been announced. How02 is busy working on pubg, rust, and maybe a spoofer. You can check out some radical gameplay here:
  12. mrtrademaster

    Suggestion (To help beginners)

    I have dont this before, but virtus doesnt like the look of it.