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  1. restart pc twice to unload drivers, and inject once. dont inject twice or so. i figure it out and it works for me
  2. Yes will do thanks @how02 and kindly update us on pubg if it’s fix thanks
  3. And i tried it again i got another bsod here is the link: https://mega.nz/#!4pJjRIpL!od2B-chr1PjM7AXYEMZJk3urwY9pbS9tUp2HeNcLzrI @how02
  4. @how02 BSOD on PUBG BSS and here is the .dmp Fille https://mega.nz/#!M5BQySpZ!Lc3d55lXFvwtG8aYZTJ-_izuv5N3_5OlESPgl4iO27M
  5. Awaiting for activation. Hope he do it quick. I paid fast hope he can activate fast
  6. contact seller, its on the website https://blacksector.solutions/forum/14-pre-sales-questions/
  7. As long you don’t rage or play blatant keep your stats low.
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