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  1. How many is too many? I think it’s NotoriousDaniel_
  2. Lol bet, I'm also keeping mine in borderless mode if it helps with screenshot cleaning I don't know
  3. So I’ve used the pubg cheat on and off for maybe 10 months now. I know how secure it is. My first account lasted 550 hours with three temp bans, second one lasted maybe 4-5 weeks. I recently decided to try out the cheat again and I only lasted like 12 hours or so over three days. Was it something I did wrong? It doesn’t say I’m hwid banned or that “this device is banned” or whatever the prompt is when you get a hwid ban. I’m really confused as to how I got banned so quick. It must have been something I did. Has there been any update to the anti cheat in the past 4-5 months? Like a new behavioral anti cheat? I want to get another account and try again.
  4. Hello, I don't know if BSS pubg is now a private cheat but I bought 12 weekly subs in the past year so I am a long time user and fan. I'm interested in purchasing another sub but it seems it is unavailable for purchase. Do I need to be approved to purchase now? If so I hope my history in the community and the fact that I was a regular customer and big fan helps me in that regard
  5. What the fuck is a "sophisticated cheater" a person who cheats discreetly to give off the impression he is skilled? I played that way when I was subscribed but that's called a closet cheater, doesn't mean you're sophisticated.
  6. I'm just looking for teammates, why'e you post this here?
  7. Yo, I've been meaning to play with some of you guys for a minute now and never got the chance, pm me your tag if you're tryna queue up!
  8. See that's the thing though, unless they could implement something like magic bullet (which I don't even think is possible anymore) there's no way the aimbot can account for a player zig zagging 500m away with say 90 percent accuracy. It's just not possible.
  9. I have a problem, I bought a new sub while my current one is active until tomorrow, now there is two subscriptions for pubg showing up in the launcher with the same expiration date Below is my transaction ID for the 1 week sub I bought today, can someone please fix this CPDJ18MYJYNSDV8AYJHG0QKB6A
  10. I have a problem, now there is two subscriptions for pubg showing up in the launcher with the same expiration date
  11. Hey my sub is still active until tomorrow but I just went ahead and bought another one week sub so I wouldn't have to wait tomorrow. I just want to make sure there won't be a problem that I bought it before my sub ended.
  12. It's safe right now, it's just the Xenquine that's unknown and it's a joke anti-cheat that has been causing issues with fps drops and performance issues for most players.
  13. All I can say is this is probably the best pubg hack on the market hands down. I don't really have an issue with fps (Just need to make sure loot esp is only on when needed cause that can cause a bit of a dip). The aimbot is perfect within 250 meters for any moving target, and will hit literally any stationary target at pretty much any distance. I have to make sure I lose some of my solo games because it's just that OP so my stats don't look suspicious ( I have like a 7.5 kd this season). Definitely the best pubg hack I know of, especially considering the super reasonable price. Just check the status of the cheat and if it's good, you can only get 24 hour bans for reports.
  14. myguy100

    we got em

    I don't know this dude but why would u report someone while you're cheating XD
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