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  1. To be able to cheat without any visuals showing, you have to record the game and not the screen. Remember to turn off chams for CS:GO. (This should also work with xSplit they just have a different setting) This: *Make sure "Capture third-party overlays" is unchecked.* Or *Make sure "Capture third-party overlays" is unchecked.* Not this:
  2. Not sure how many of you are playing solo for the fun of solo, I would like to play to win with some other "(PEs) performance enhancement users." I'm speaking of MM; any number is excellent, of course, a full team would be helpful for many reasons. I've got above average skill in FPS games getting back into CS with GO and planning to play to learn it right (minus some PE) I'm open to sorting it privately by Comp Ranks or whatever you're willing to play/carry. I don't think playing with a GE would make sense for me unless they are teacher types and want to make chill convo/friends. DO NOT POST YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT UNTIL YOU VET YOUR PRIVACY! Before you begin, what happens in BlackSector stays in BS: Private/Friends ONLY privacy levels need to be set up to protect each other from possible links/proof. CME - Play with GN1-4s currently, willing to play with anyone high or low ranking while teaching and learning from one another. DIRECT MESSAGE ME TO JOIN/PARTY Post in this thread or PM me I have notifications
  3. CSGO cheat is amazing and funny. Also, it is incredible when activate the triggerbot in pistol rounds. PROS: - Easy to use - Aimbot seems legit - Cheap - It is NOT a scam, is 100% legit cheat - Undetectable in MM or by VAC - Full-screen mode CONS: - Could have more misc options; such as, fake lag. - Can not pay with credit cards This are the fastest PROS and CONS that come to mind. 100% recommended
  4. i want to buy csgo full but my paypal only this site can not be used What should I do?
  5. Lots of people got VAC banned. Apparently 3 popular and well know paid cheats got detected. Some confirmation https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/9/1755771924545736677/#c1755771924546353002 Anyone know which cheats got detected?
  6. Discord: hakerman$$#1337
  7. Hello, I have been using Blacksector Solutions for CS:GO for roughly 6 months. This review is very overdue and I explain why in this thread. If you want a tl;dr, this is my favourite software for CS:GO and I love the community. I plan on purchasing 3 months, then 12 months when the winter sales are on (if this happens again this year). I have used some other major cheats prior to this and some semi-private. Thanks for reading in advance! Graphics are by flow: https://blacksector.solutions/topic/2294-graphic-corner/ I really like the aimbot. It provides a very strong but subtle approach to assisting your aim and really does not look obvious whatsoever. I even have a config with 2 smooth on rifles and it doesn't look blatant to spectators. The only thing giving it away is the kill counter, which can be managed anyways if you are conscious of it. Things like pistols don't snap at all, but you can tell that you are more fluid with them. I really like the RCS built into rifles as it makes you a lot more consistent when trying to spray, and can be configured to dominate people if you really wish. Snipers are also very good with the right settings. If you spend a decent amount of time configuring the aimbot in this software, you can get some amazing results - the more I play around, the better settings I construct. I can't commend on the Silent aim option as I don't really have a use for it and normal works fine for all weapons for me. There are weapon configs for this, which I think is amazing, because most developers are lazy and just include the weapon categories, which frustrates me as an SSG-08 should not have the same settings as an AWP, etc. I love how you can tick which ones you want to have individual configs too as this allows to spend less time on guns which are very similar (can be configured under the default tab). The aimbot also has an option for multiple aim keys, this leads to you being able to do other cool custom features such as a safety key, and magnet triggerbot. There are many more but these are just some ideas. This makes the aimbot highly configurable and in addition to all the options, it can look very legit, even with poor settings. This is very well put together and I appreciate the details involved. The visuals in this software is very customizable. I prefer just using a weapon esp that is only visible when the enemies are behind walls. You can customize this to whatever degree you want through the use of the colour manager. When I first got this software, I didn't realize that there was an alpha slider so you can make things hidden behind walls or when in sight, in addition to choosing the colour. With this feature, it means that you can do whatever you want with your visuals and it contains tons of features that appeal to everyone's tastes. If you like chams only, they have that. If you like a simple esp, they have that. If you like boxes with health, they have that. They have everything desirable and I don't think there is any room for mistakes with the software when it comes to visuals. They even have quite a rare feature which shows the step esp, where it only shows where they are if they make noise. Genius idea! For people who don't want to risk being blatant but it's hard to be blatant if you can hear them. Especially useful if you like playing with music or with loud friends, you can still see footsteps. BSS also has dropped weapon esp, which is extremely helpful if you never want to miss an AWP or AK when you're on an eco or something. There is also esp for danger zone - if you like danger zone, you will not be disappointed, however, this isn't fun for me. I know they have all the loot esps though which is very useful for playing danger zone. There is also both an internal and external radar to please everyone as people have a large preference on this feature. This is brilliant as it allows people of every playstyle to be happy. Overall, the visuals are flawless and include tons of features to appeal to everyone. The triggerbot is exceptional and never misses. I know lots of other coders who cannot even get this correct - their triggerbot misses more times than hits. I like how the triggerbot can be configured for whatever playstyle you want and has a few humanization options that can be used to be as obvious or subtle as you like. You can even use this in addition with the aimbot if you want to make a magnet sort of effect before shooting automatically. I really like how customizable this is for such a simple feature. I personally use it as a panic incase I'm about to get killed or if someone has tagged me once with an SSG-08 and I need to kill him before he kills me. I've never been called out for this feature alone so even with the most obvious settings, it's hard to spot and it is not probable that anybody spectating will notice unless you're using it constantly as oppose to shooting manually. My misc review will also include spectators list and skinchanger. The regular misc tab has bhop, which is very good if you want to go for some frag montages or just want to do something funny in games. It can also be used if you want to do some slight rage however this software is not designed for that in general. Auto pistol is a very overlooked feature by a lot of other software providers. Personally, I think it's very useful and in conjunction with the correct aim settings, it can look very legit and can be op on some pistols, such as the five seven - which if you spam, can double dink somebody and there - free rifle. Rank reveal is also a very good setting for you to consider who you are playing against as globals are more likely to be cheaters, etc. Overall, these 3 options are very powerful and although people see misc as a downfall in BSS, I think that it is still exceptional for the quality it provides. The spectator list is super nice and has one of the best designed I've seen. It looks beautiful and fits right into the main design of the menu and radar. It can also be customizable through the use of the convenient colour manger. You can even disable the border and background if you want a more plain look. I really think this was a good feature to add as it shows when you can be more obvious if you want to impress people or avoid getting seen as a cheater by your friends. This makes it a very useful feature for BSS and I love it! The skinchanger feels like an essential feature of any software these days. Blacksector's is no joke. Most incompetent coders can't even fix the knife animations, but in BSS, all the knives work, including Butterfly, Falchion, even all the new ones. Think of a knife, and it will work. You can put any skin on any weapon but keep in mind that if you plan on recording or streaming, you will need to put real skins on real weapons. If you are unfamiliar, then I would recommend the website csgostash, which shows prices too. Skins work great on weapons too, there is no complaints with that as there is no problem with them. The only problem I see with the skinchanger is that if you use weapons on the skins, the skins chosen do not show up in game on the weapon wheel, meaning if you want to stream, your viewers could question the fact that the skins aren't there. The only other bug is that when you knife someone, the knife shown in the top right in the killfeed is still the default knife, which your viewers could also call you out for. Recording videos is much safer as you can edit any mistakes out. You could also just use buy binds or switch to a different scene whilst you buy things at the start of the round. I don't really see a problem with this but it does ruin the immersion slightly as you realize you're not as rich as you think (lol). This software is mostly stream-proof with 2 exceptions excluding the ones I mentioned above. You can use all visuals apart from chams and you can't use rank revealer too. This is fine as these features don't really make a difference in gameplay and they're just a psychological aid. I really like how this software is stream-proof, you can even use things such as plays.tv and publish clips and then show them off on your steam profile. It genuinely makes you look like a better player and may attract more friends to play with. You can also make pretty cool frag movies or just appear to be a dope player. As long as you don't go as blatant as Zuhn . Community and Staff This would not be a review of BSS without a review of the staff and the community because they are what contribute to this being an awesome experience. The community is really helpful and welcoming to anybody who wants to join. Mrtrademaster is always there to help people and How02 is too. I don't know if this community would stay together without the immense help and support from those 2 people. There is always somebody online to help out (at least at European times and in my experience). The community is quite small but still does not disappoint with how friendly people are to each other when it comes to support and some of the more generous people even do giveaways, which is insane! How02 is probably the best coder I know, he is always actively working to reverse engineer anti cheats and code his cheats to be up to the best standard and prioritizes security for his customers. He has managed to code reliable BattlEye bypasses and cheats for PUBG that are completely public. With the help from nobody, his 1-man team manages payments, subscriptions, coding, reverse-engineering and he still finds the time to help people at their request and he actively allows people to merge subscriptions and pause them, potentially lowering his income. He is someone who I look up to as someone who is interested in computer science. I think this thread is very good and could not agree more with it, thank you How02! Thanks again for reading! Have a great rest of the summer and I hope you consider Blacksector deeply if you are interested in the products. I know all cheats here are up to the best standard!
  8. Hi,Can you provide CS:GO Private Cheat for Third Party Matchmaking (Faceit/ESEA/SoStronk/CEVO)?I have been playing on 3 of the Third Party Matchmaking Servers for quite a long time but now a days cheaters over there have also increased simultaneously as compared to the Valve's Official Servers.I need CS:GO private cheat to fight against those cheaters in Third Party MM Platforms.Please help me.Thanks in advance.
  9. Videos of the black sector that I have created so far This video is a My blacksector Rust hack video I have created so far. I have not been able to create video because I can't Play Rust now, when the blacksector's Rust hack was updated I will create a better Rust hack video! If this topic is good, give me Like or upvote enjoy the my video I love Rust hack, I hope that the blacksector Rust hack will be updated as soon as possible  Rust hack pvp with BlackSector ↓↓↓↓↓↓PvP#1↓↓↓↓↓↓                https://youtu.be/e69ghSWqf28 ↓↓↓↓↓↓PvP#2↓↓↓↓↓↓ https://youtu.be/_uZO6EeINSU BlackSector play battle royale https://youtu.be/-CKfWDgtAQw Function explanation. speed hack a trick speed hack and debug camera             https://youtu.be/R9yfRNvg-No Function explanation https://youtu.be/-CKfWDgtAQw Amazing speed hack https://youtu.be/KrPzndQpWC0 BlackSector Aim bot menu https://youtu.be/8LED-0tnPMw Debug Jump https://youtu.be/eSI2RlJ219c -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Hello, I am currently thinking about buying the CS:GO software once again, however, has there been any feature updates since April? I kind of get bored sometimes when using this. Sorry if I am asking a stupid question.
  11. I've been using this on csgo so far so good. What's the safest way to cheat? Are ESPs only safer than aimbotting?
  12. As Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has become free to play, we've chosen to reduce our pricing. The Full version now only cost 8€ per month instead of 12€, and Aimbot/Esp versions cost now 5€ per month. Our product has also been updated to support the new Danger Zone mode, as you can see below:
  13. Does it support SMAC, faceit server side AC etc. ? Thx
  14. Not sure if i'm about to answer my own question but why is it that the CSGO cheat is much cheaper than PUBG or Rust? Is it because CS cheats are easier to make or more common? IMO I think the CS cheat is a good price but I think that Rust should be around 20 USD. I also understand why it would be around 40 USD since Rust hacks are harder to create and have a good undetected cheat.
  15. This is the first Black Sector's cheat I have purchased, was surprised with the Launcher, simple to use, basically everyone can understand it. I purchased the CSGO Cheat this morning and have used all of its features and haven't been banned so far, but my experience so far with this cheat is positive, I clearly like the ESP, especially the stick manned ESP boxes, I'm still trying to figure out how the Aimbot but it is great whatsoever. ESP: 8/10 AIMBOT: 5/10, (Haven't used it sfull potential as of yet(Struggling abit but i'll get there eventually ) The overall design for the cheat is amazing, It is easy to find whatever you're looking for and it also have the skin changer which is lovely, but I barely use it hahah. I would definitely recommend this cheat apart from other cheats. Big thumbs up
  16. Hope you guys enjoy Was a fun little edit, you want anything edited pm me Let me know what you think (Had to reupload because, logo was messed up)
  17. BLACK SECTORS:CSGO REVIEW Initial Login Black Sector's UI for initialization for the cheat it extremely user friendly, Easy to read/understand. The "Hack List" when selecting an existing subscription with a cheat that you have purchased gives you information to help you and if needed help an admin/moderator Lists your Directory, When your subscription to the cheat began and when it will end, so you have a perfect idea of how long you have left before.... You of course resub. Injecting... Extremely easy. Select wanted cheat "CS-GO Full" Inject, and open game. Even is kind enough to auto-close steam for your protection. Black Sectors Cheat/Menu ____________________________________________________________________________________ Aimbot Intro: I have used many cheats for CS-GO in the past, and nothing compares to what Black Sector offers, the amount of features and how easily accessible they are makes this cheat one of the best available on the market, and if you are looking for a testimonial as well I advise you buy this cheat as soon as possible to increase your game to a whole new level. The Aimbot has the capability to harness the skill of any player, with the option to change anything to what works for you If wanted, you dont need to go and change the setting for every gun you use, just by selecting default and changing from there allows you to change settings to work with every gun (Settings vary with every person) General - The main settings I think you will be messing with the most... FOV : Basically and area of which an enemy is seen to be hit. The higher the fov, the less you have to aim in a sense Hit boxes - I use personally from round to round constantly changing out everything. For pistols rounds you may want to select head shots only, being that's the best way to win a round with a side. Going in to higher rounds with higher buys when using auto's you may want to change to neck/body/chest/stomach. Which gives others a sense of "Not Cheating" Humanize - Basically creates a smoother aim, and makes less "Snap" You can edit things such as speed, and max, and others, but don't really need to mess with them too much Visuals - Basically when shooting since CS-GO is different than Call of Duty with recoil, shows you where the gun will really shoot, even if it looks like its shooting downwards TriggerBot I don't really bother with TriggerBot most of the time, I did some testing with it for and while, and I can fairly say its very good, and there are a lot of configurations, you can choose for your play style, you can adjust it to dodging very easily to make it auto-wall, and it makes smoke checks a breeze Misc Bunny Hop - If you have never seen a video of Source B-Hopping I highly advise you to go watch, B-hops can get you places quickly if executed properly, but I dont use them because there isn't many B-Gods left. Everyone will basically just call you a cheater. Auto-pistol - When out of bullets will auto pull pistol, which most pro's use, as it is quicker to pull out your side then to reload an auto or such Show Ranks - Though it may not be of a lot of use cause it wont affect game play, but being able to see everyone's ranks in the lobby ranked/unranked is pretty neat, a feature I have never seen, but I use it all the time now. Auto Accept - is extremely helpful, sometimes boys we gotta piss, or moms got our Hot-pockets ready and we are not always there to accept when a match starts... Don't worry Black Sector's gotcha. ESP Player - Extra Sensory Perception... Basically the ability to know or see things that you shouldn't know are there, such as players, bomb, guns. Black Sectors ESP allows you to see enemies through walls better allowing more awareness to where a player might be giving you an edge on the competition. You can enable/disable seeing enemies/allies health, names, distance, and what weapon they are using. Weapon - Is the ability to see an ESP of weapons on the ground, giving you that chance to snag that lost AWP. Grenade - Black Sectors equipment ESP is the best one I have ever used, I can actually see where its coming from, giving me the ability to dodge, as well as dodging a fake flash, or smoke check. Sound - is something you have to mess with... its better understood when some testing is done Radar Black Sectors Radar is one of the most advanced radars I have used, even giving exact coordinates to where you are on the map, and better giving you an edge on where they might be, on a "map" SkinChanger Black Sector.... Well F****** done on this This skin changer is so easy, giving you the list of every skin in CS-GO history, even giving you the ability to put skins on things that have not or should not even have that skin on it... Ever seen a UMP - Lore Factory New. Well today is your lucky day. The customization is enough to keep me just messing with that for hours. One of the reasons I go AFK so much mid-game, so much to choose from, load out possibilities are endless. CrossHairSelector Cross hairs can be made off of generator websites and copied to place in your console, but why use that when Black Sector gives you plenty of pretty damn good cross-hairs to choose from? BindManager The Bind manager makes your life easier, giving you better reach on what keys you use for what, you can change pretty much everything.. Aimbot toggles, Silent Aim, Toggle ESP on/off, anything even a panic key which fully closes the cheat to legitimacy if needed. ColorManager If the colors of the default ESP is something you are not fond of you have the ability to change anything to any color you want, even custom colors. CT Being Blue, and T being Red, you could change everything to purple, green, orange. You can also change the weapon ESP to better see the guns on the floor and colors for the equipment to see it coming. Settings After everything is said and done, and you are happy with everything changed in your menu, finally you can create a config to save everything to load up the next time you play, and you even have the option to share configs and use others aswell to find what is best for you Overall This site will be where I buy my cheats from for the rest of my gaming days The admins are very helpful, and so are the members of this site, I've only just joined, but im already planning to stay If you need help with anything, I also speak fluent Slovak/Polish so i can help anyone with that, just send me a pm, and we can hop on Discord and get you sorted out This site has alot to offer and I plan on trying every game cheat and doing a review on all of them, "can't wait for Rust" I am also going to try to make videos for the site just editing some of the best moments to show you what this cheat can really offer Thanks guys hope this helped some of you
  18. Firstly, I have 4 accounts that i use the hack on so that might be helping me but i sort of doubt it. All accounts are still up and running great after almost a full month of Mild to Medium Hacking The cheat is insanely customization and i find myself tweaking it every game, especially the FOV if im having an off game etc. I try to stay away from anything over 1.5 Fov as it looks too obvious especially at a distance but the cheat has still been helping me out immensely. I have not gotten over watched or anything after in-view only esp (i dont actually like using full esp because i want to play the game tactically) and mild aimbot. Psilent on pistols under 1 Fov has been working great and the Assault rifle Recoil control look very smooth and real. 9/10 Hack! only thing its missing is God mode of-course
  19. so i changed the skin of my knife and i want to know how to get it back to the default knife
  20. For how long do I have the hack if I buy the Full version?
  21. When was the last time your csgo cheat detected? How many times has it been detected? When was your csgo cheat released?
  22. xxposed


    Hello. Im really thinking about buying this cheat (CS:GO). Can I get some fps drops while using the cheat or no? Also do I need to use an USB? Thank you.
  23. so i finshed my first edit after one year break. was hard to get into it again but i think it looks okay. what do you guys think?
  24. I posted the video with the csgo cheat =D
  25. Any reasonable configs that you guys can give? Thanks
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