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  1. I changed my password of BS for security. And If I connect to 'https://blacksector.solutions/', I get error message at the enclosed image. But If I connect to this kind of address 'https://blacksector.solutions/forum/6-general-discussion/', there is no error message. What should I do?
  2. I need the cheat for EFT too. There is no reliable developer like BlackSector. So please make the cheat for EFT ASAP. I will buy 1 year at once if you provide a beautiful discount for long term period like CSGO full.
  3. I plan to buy 1 year CSGO Full. Please answer my next questions. (Q1) Does CSGO Full include HWID Spoofer? (Q2) I'm using 9900k CPU / Windows 10 version 1909. Is it OK? Please answer my questions.
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