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  1. how many ESP items do you have open, and their range? which range on enemy ESP?
  2. @holyraider regarding the tremendous amounts of prevention you referred to, we are so rich user-side with the multi-functionality* as confirmed by @asdbrht , i was confused how are the poor functionality competitors claiming to be undetected while we remember the pampered experience thanks to BSS. i guess it would be unethical to borrow the code that the competitors use to avoid detection, but isn't it available right there in the form of daily passes, or does that not grant access to the source code? regarding BattleEye engineers not giving a fuck, are you suggesting that they are so cun
  3. it seems the delayed bans punishes the testing process on our side. i noticed some inferior pubg offers are claiming to be undetected, but they are all so much simpler and worse (unsuitable for my preferred play style), and perhaps fewer lines of code because the menus also appear far simpler than what we have here, which i am waiting for
  4. i am trying to make sense of it, not suggesting there is a scam, but i am certainly experiencing confusion. i was a very happy customer here and i wish to continue that relationship, but what is going on? it sounds like the cheat is both detected and undetected which makes no sense. lets keep it simple and just let me know when it is undetected, and update the cheat status, and then i will re-start my monthly membership.
  5. that sounds like something the scammers write. it seems there is a disconnect somewhere, or some new level of unprofessional-ism that did not exist before. who can read that and have any confidence? and how does it make sense for a working cheat to have a detected status? all of these third-party software adventures are "use at own risk" but now the customer can't even rely on the cheat status to be accurate?
  6. BSS pubg is the best but why should i be confident in a reseller's claims when the status says its detected? the 2d radar and the ability to assign hotkeys to ESP items was awesome
  7. if the pbug is not detected i will buy it right now for one month, lets stop with the games, please
  8. @Nic2000 why the downvote? are you a chinese guy following me around downvoting everything, again?
  9. according to Banek192, "You have wrong information then its not down (in spite of the cheat status) and up to date for latest game patch, but using only at your own risk." this sounds like a contradiction. the cheat status would change to green with a V instead of X for xigncode3 and battleeye when it updates, or am i assuming wrong? @how02 does it make sense what Banek192 wrote? the parentheses comment is mine
  10. which reseller did you use, please do tell. i need a paypal reseller. allegedly allegedly, the pubg is "its not down (despite the cheat status) and up to date for latest game patch, but using only at your own risk." can anyone confirm?
  11. the reseller banek192 , is claiming the BSS pubg is "not down". is he just straight up telling lies to trick noobs and sell a detected cheat? ive seen no indication that one should ignore the cheat status of the pubg here
  12. i believe you. i wish to delete this topic. i love BSS pubg, that is all
  13. i wish to delete this topic because it is more important for me to remain a member in case pubg returns, than to warn random customers about the chinese methods to silence criticism of the CCP, or whatever else. i do not stand by the previous comments in this thread, or the title.
  14. FYI to the members here, i can't use the chat box or send direct messages anymore. this is after i mentioned the china virus, and the chinese communist party heavily targeting trump, his supporters, and making efforts to bring down the US in general. those who know, know. the chinese have unlimited power here, so if you mentioned anything they don't like, and they call you a racist, you are on thin ice and the next thing they do is lobby the admin to take actions against you.
  15. my previous comment here crossed the line, for which i received an official warning from the honorable how02. i apologize how02, i love you. ii was not impressed with the "robotic" style of simply locking on to player after player, even though i don't even recognize which games william1k plays. it reminds me of Dr. Disresepect's recent stream in Call of Duty. he got to the final stages as a single (not team), and then encountered a few opponents who he instantly aimbotted back to lobby. then, running around without any "enemies", he let out a scream of frustration and boredom.
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