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  1. in the mood to hear someone mouth off in team voice chat so i can toggle friendly fire while haunting them for the remainder of the match from a distance with non lethal damage
  2. who are disillusioned? whoever thinks these players look legit probably has not played the game much, and to those new potential customers i can't imagine it looks appealing to see the try hard aimbot styles. they don't miss shots, they don't take their time to line shots up, and wait for the recoil thereby shooting slower. they play like bots. it's as though PUBG wants to disillusion players about playing the game as a non-cheater - the disillusionment being that its a pay to win game so don't bother trying to compete with the try hard aimbotters, unless you have aimbot too.
  3. why does pubg allow try-hard aimbot play streamed from the first person perspective in the tournaments on twitch?
  4. after waiting 3/4 of a year for BSS to return, i lost patience and bought a month of ring-1 from cain.pro (website) for 75$ i am just shocked at how retarded of an experience is that hack compared to BSS, and on top of that PUBG does not allow you to choose the map you want to play anymore. want to play the big desert map? - well fuck you from pubg. you can't hotkey anything so you have to open the menu each time to close one of the full CATEGORIES, and you can't edit the category, so if you want something specific, too bad, you get to see everything, and forget about immersion when you have to open the menu to turn something off all the time. ESP items doesn't even work today the menu doesn't remember who you are either, so every time you get to start over and adjust all the bullshit there's no viewer count, and the radar is totally radar broken- doesn't scale correctly. also there's no option to lock on to teammates so friendly fire stunts aren't trustworthy if you want your memories of PUBG (with bss) ruined, this is the way. i couldn't help but think to myself - this game is garbage, and i shouldn't have bought a month of ringtarded-1 trash
  5. so PUBG is advertised in the tournaments as a discreet pay to win -- this is a likely conclusion from observing the blatant aimbot. so similar to world of tanks, where players must pay to win. it only makes sense that pubg would be involved in the cheating market considering the way they present their game to the world.
  6. @koshaan there was a game yesterday on Erangel, and the guy cycled between 3 targets behind walls. it has become so routine for the players, they don't even hide it well. cheater versus cheater style of play does not resemble a regular looking fight. if a new player watched the tournament, and then decided to try pbug for the first time, he would realize that his expectations were betrayed. experienced players are all scratching their heads why there is blatant aimbot, i guess
  7. can anyone explain why does PUBG broadcast blatant aimbot battles between 35 teams, which suggests they are first of all retarded bastards but also that they are soft on anti cheat, but actually they are giving our Boss a hard time ?
  8. why are users asking if the PUBG has been updated and about an injection issue-- i thought its detected and we are waiting for an update, but chinese users are playing? just the chinese ones, or what is happening?
  9. my original confusion remains. if 35 teams of cheaters are being broadcasted in the tournaments, it suggests that (1) pubg devs have no scruples about cheaters in their game, or (2) they designed it intentionally this way and they go hard after cheating outside of the tournaments, or (3) something else is going on such as pubg have paid off BSS because pubg devs own other cheating companies. (1) cannot be true because our club has been down for 3/4 of the year.
  10. i am also waiting for the pubg to be released. did you know the pubg remains detected in the cheat status? also did you know that they currently only accept bitcoin or the reseller banek192
  11. sorry but twitch does not allow exact timing jumps so all my timings are off
  12. FIXED timing crosshair on the enemies through the walls rather than peeking anywhere useful, then targets him down with aimbot, then awkwardly and quickly closes zoom and re-opens it FIXED timing doing that peek-a-boo style of fast peek and fire with aimbot, locks on to target through the rocks, goes to the other window to blatantly lock on through the walls
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