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  1. good children's games. probably less frustrating than the third world experience of PUBG
  2. i have an account with 713 hours on pubg using BSS. no deception here
  3. deception is an accusation. probably a translation error.
  4. yup, i would buy another month today if the paypal would accept cards as it once did.
  5. i love the way BSS targets vehicles in pubg. you want to be able to target and shoot at things while keeping up the tension and immersion
  6. they do not accept credit cards. if using paypal you must have money on the paypal account, or have it linked to a bank account, not a checking account. or bitcoin, which is not legal in my country
  7. how02 i can relate to MAJSOA's comments because bitcoins are banned in my country, and on my paypal is a checking account and a credit card but neither work to renew my sub
  8. the cheat continues working because i logged in before the expiration and am still logged in haha.. will get a month sub tonight, but i need help getting my items filter back up please @how02
  9. i was watching some threads there and now i suddenly get this error Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F176/1
  10. @myguy100 consider the following two user challenge in a squad game: competitive empowering the other two teammates with weapons, and then ask them to follow you very closely, and give them opportunities to shoot opponents. the winner is decided by who's regular teammate ended up with more kills alternatively, restrict yourself to 12 gauge / crossbow / scorpion
  11. it is simple enough to make ESP profiles / configs . it takes a few minutes to make the profile yourself during a game. i do not fully understand how the white list works. gotta experiment a bit. some ideas for profiles : 1) flare guns, silencers, level 3 gear 2) SR only and scopes 3) all helmets and all vests 4) Lvl 2 helmets and vests
  12. for the pubg settings i had to manually filter out (blacklist) all the clutter items in item esp such as less then 3x scopes, pistols, smg, shotguns, and ARs (etc) - this way only the SR and flare guns remain in red. this process is a bit painful because you must type the name of each item you want blocked, and capitlization matters (but parentheses contents can be ignored)
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