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  1. one of the best aspects of PUBG is that chinese people love to laugh, so likely if you get chinese people on your team and you can joke around a bit in chinese, you will all end up laughing together. real laughter. i miss my chinese friends
  2. hi mods and members, this thread is about play styles in pubg that are NOT try hard rage mode. i've not played pubg since february, and upon reflection my favorite aspect was having confrontations in voice chat with teammates or enemies. the confidence to negotiate like a lunatic with a weapon makes for some hilarious role playing. maybe it takes a bit of maturity to understand that you are deceiving yourself when the game says "you won" but you played silently, without teammates, like a sociopath. not only did this concept fail to open any general discussion, but i was confronted by one of the chinese sociopath children ex-members (he has since been banned for reasons unknown to me, probably violated forum rules again) in an all out text-battle in defense of rage style, and seemingly had criticism of alternate play styles on his mind, but lacked basic eloquence or manner to say anything meaningful. disclaimer: if you think that rage mode is the best, and i am a fool for bringing up an alternative, i remind you there is no compulsion to respond. last time i tried a thread like this a small child stole my +16 comment karma by attacking unrelated threads with silent downvotes.
  3. @vuxta11 back in February i thought there were too many try hard cheaters in pubg, so i started a new topic in the members section to discuss play styles besides rage mode, and in response one of the long time members with almost +200 karma was so offended by the thread that he downvoted my posts in other, unrelated threads, and he alone robbed me of my +16 comment karma. he has since been banned from here. i do wonder about the current equilibrium in PUBG as it relates to try hard cheaters. so i dont mind waiting for a better game to come around meanwhile
  4. @vuxta11 perhaps i could engage one of the partners that are visible at the bottom of the homepage in green text. i am not subscribed now, but i was for 6 months ended in february
  5. apex and rainbow are first person only. undesirable. 3rd person is better
  6. the developers here don't allow payment using credit card in paypal. they disabled it almost a year ago. makes payment too complicated for some people, like me, who can't subscribe due to the technical complications
  7. good children's games. probably less frustrating than the third world experience of PUBG
  8. i have an account with 713 hours on pubg using BSS. no deception here
  9. deception is an accusation. probably a translation error.
  10. yup, i would buy another month today if the paypal would accept cards as it once did.
  11. i love the way BSS targets vehicles in pubg. you want to be able to target and shoot at things while keeping up the tension and immersion
  12. they do not accept credit cards. if using paypal you must have money on the paypal account, or have it linked to a bank account, not a checking account. or bitcoin, which is not legal in my country
  13. how02 i can relate to MAJSOA's comments because bitcoins are banned in my country, and on my paypal is a checking account and a credit card but neither work to renew my sub
  14. the cheat continues working because i logged in before the expiration and am still logged in haha.. will get a month sub tonight, but i need help getting my items filter back up please @how02
  15. i was watching some threads there and now i suddenly get this error Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F176/1
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