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  1. Lol nice one but people are so bad at this game hahah
  2. We do not approve psychos here
  3. It's a Well known issue with paypal. Try buy from one of our resellers.
  4. Indeed! Small map, a lot of close combat!
  5. Not for sale atm cuz it's under update.
  6. It's not for sale atm since it's detected by EasyAntiCheat.
  7. First the patch has to come out, then he can start updating, im sure he will try to do it as fast as possible.
  8. Whos excited for Season 6? New Map (64 players cap) - Blackzone, Destroy's all buildings in area. New Weapons - RPG - Sticky Bomb New Gear & Customization
  9. Current available cheats you find here: https://blacksector.solutions/store/ (Correct, Pubg & Rust is not for sale atm)
  10. Here's a config if u wanna auto shoot XX5d6hk12.dat
  11. Will be updated approximately within 2-3 days
  12. You can change that in your settnings. While you are ingame click ''insert'' button.
  13. Some users recently got banned on PUBG and Admins investigating what could cause those bans, thats why it's removed.
  14. It's a well-known problem. Some users can use paypal, some can't.
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