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The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. how02

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Cheat

    Pretty much this.
  2. how02

    CSGO cheat.

    The CS:GO cheat was detected last May. It is stream proof except for chams. We accept Paypal and Bitcoin, but you can contact our resellers as they have more payment options available.
  3. how02

    DM advertiser

    Thank you, they have been banned.
  4. I'm working on an HWID spoofer but it isn't ready yet.
  5. how02

    CSGO - ESP

    Can you please take a screenshot ? Try to disable the steam overlay and other overlays (such as Discord) and see if the problem persist.
  6. how02

    Ring of Elysium hacks

    Yes, unfortunately I don't have time for it at the moment.
  7. how02

    Keep getting loader download message

    Ah, I didn't realize you don't have a subscription on this account. Please login on the loader with your @JOHNM2805 credentials.
  8. how02

    Keep getting loader download message

    It's because the loader is locked to your account @JOHNM2805, it won't work if you try to login from the account @johndoe1976. To solve that problem, login as @johndoe1976 on the forum and download the loader.
  9. how02

    SCUM new survival game

    Yes I do
  10. how02

    SCUM new survival game

    Maybe in the future, but they are planning to add EAC so I need a strong bypass first, which I'm currently working on for Rust and PUBG.
  11. how02

    Black Sector still undetected ? CSGO

    Hey, our CSGO cheat was detected back in May like many other internal cheats. We caught the VAC update before the banwave happened so we warned everyone that it would happen. Now our cheat is safe and this kind of detection won't work on us as we have preemptive methods in place.
  12. how02


    I've reset your email. Please use this link to reset your password. https://blacksector.solutions/lostpassword/
  13. how02


    At the moment, all cheats are disabled from the store.
  14. They're most likely removing those infos, but they keep other stuff and that stuff is enough to identify you. I really don't know if it's GDPR compliant or not.

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