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  1. I have adjusted your subscription sorry for the delay
  2. BTC confirmations aren't instant so you often have to wait a little bit. I can close this thread as your subscription has been renewed.
  3. We are still receiving some ban reports here and there. Security is very important to us and we only want to provide the best and safest products.
  4. Because its status is currently unknown.
  5. I have re-issued your renew invoice for PUBG. Please be aware that its status is currently unknown.
  6. What's the username of your banned account ?
  7. how02


    I've edited your invoice
  8. You don't have any spoofer subscription that is currently paused.
  9. Unfortunately there was a problem with your subscription and the expiration date had to be reset to its original value.
  10. Our paypal doesn't accept cards at the moment. It should work if you already have funds on your account. Alternatively, you can pay with crypto currencies.
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