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  1. how02


    I've reset your email. Please use this link to reset your password. https://blacksector.solutions/lostpassword/
  2. how02


    At the moment, all cheats are disabled from the store.
  3. They're most likely removing those infos, but they keep other stuff and that stuff is enough to identify you. I really don't know if it's GDPR compliant or not.
  4. how02

    Whos Waiting For Rust

    It's because BattlEye is gay and EAC on the other hand has some strong method to detect us. I'm still working on the Rust security but yes sometimes PUBG take priority as it has more clients.
  5. how02

    question about csgo payment

    Hey, payments are not recurring. When your subscription is about to expire, an invoice will be automatically generated so you can renew. If you don't wish to renew, don't pay it and you won't be charged.
  6. Thank you for your purchase, I've marked your transaction as paid.
  7. how02

    PUBG renewal

    I don't know if it's available for PUBG, I'll check it.
  8. how02

    PUBG renewal

  9. how02

    PUBG renewal

    I've re-issued your renew invoice
  10. how02


  11. You are only banned from the chatbox, not the whole forum.
  12. how02

    Hi i bought pubg gift card

    I've refunded your gift card. It's not to buy PUBG !
  13. how02

    Already paid but not Upgrade yet .

    Thank you for your purchase, I've marked your transaction as paid