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PUBG is now available to the public !


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  1. how02

    HWID Reset

    Our software are hardware locked, they can only run on a single computer. By doing an HWID reset, you will be able to use our software on a different computer.
  2. how02

    HWID Reset

    I've sent a refund for your HWID resets. Please next time restart your computer before doing an HWID reset, to make sure the spoofer is not loaded.
  3. I've never seen this. Can you please take a screenshot ?
  4. You can view and manage your purchases here: https://blacksector.solutions/clients/purchases/
  5. We do not offer lifetime subscriptions. The HWID Spoofer does indeed work for Rust
  6. While this is easily doable, I don't believe it is worth it.
  7. Regarding Fortnite, it is not officially supported. They drop multiple tracking files, so you will need to wipe all your drives if you get banned.
  8. It does spoof the MAC address. For your IP you will need to use a VPN.
  9. how02


    You also need to wipe all your drives.
  10. No more keys, this is correct. Chinese users can still purchase a forum subscription through their usual reseller.
  11. Keys are a real thing but are made exclusively for the Asian market. Some of these sellers have found those and were reselling them. Those keys were sold with similar prices to regular subscriptions on the forum. Some of these sellers are selling those keys for 2, 3, 4 and even 5 times more expensive. And they often even resell the same key to multiple users (as Risky has done) Those keys were never meant to be sold outside of Asia, as it obviously increase the detection risk. Around 2 weeks ago I've stopped selling those keys, to put an end to those scammers. I'm really astonished anyone would pay so much for a Rust cheat.
  12. There is no point in posting this kind of information, because it's just research until I find something. And when I do I need to check that it can detect my cheat. Most of the time it doesn't. Someone suggested to make a status page, I agree that it will give more information to our customers.
  13. Please send me via PM your 3 transaction numbers and the Paypal email you have used.
  14. You will need to make a new BlackSector account.
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