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  1. CSGO Cheat info pls

    The CS:GO cheat is made for legit gameplay.
  2. Rust record/streamproof ?

    No it is internal.
  3. Rust record/streamproof ?

    The Rust cheat isn't stream proof.
  4. Can I buy Pubg cheat ?

    PUBG is currently not for sale and applications have been temporarily disabled until the cheat is safe to use again.
  5. Pubg

    Hey, PUBG is still offline unfortunately, and there is no ETA.
  6. csgo skin changer

    Unselect the knife and press Apply, next time you spawn you will have the default knife again.
  7. Pubg question

    Applications are temporarily disabled
  8. wtf is this royalhack

    Why do you sound like a girl on pills ?
  9. wtf is this royalhack

    Hello Kittonium, even if I know you are obviously trolling, I will still clarify a few things because you are being mislead. I am the sole author of the cheat that is being used on RoyalHack. The cheats sold here have many improvements related to their stability and security. I originally developed the cheats for BlackSector but then chose to work with Unstuck and his team on RoyalHack, effectively importing all my original work (around 15 months of development). Note that it is a complete rewrite and the code base has nothing to do with my previous work (KGCheats being mentioned). What happened with RoyalHack is that Unstuck simply didn't work enough, other people like wav, v3n0m4 and even mattdog never joined the actual project. So I was really the only one developing cheats, research on anticheats (EAC and BE). Unstuck was working a few hours per week but with his limited coding skill, him not replying to half of his private messages, constant delays and broken promises, led me to being fed up with the situation. It turns out that Unstuck has been lying since he kiked me off RoyalHack, keeping all my work (which is 90+% of the code base. All the UI, the server backend (I even had to develop a MySQL connector for .Net Core), the obfuscator/mutation engine, is mine. The CS:GO cheat, the Rust cheat and the PUBG cheat that are advertised on RoyalHack are all my work.). Here is an exemple of a casual lie or appropriation by Unstuck: But luckily, git has a wonderful feature called git blame (git annotate on Visual Studio) which reveal who commited a line: There is not much to say, beside that he has been calling me a thief while he stole all my fucking work, it's disgusting. But you didn't know better, I hope you do now.
  10. CSGO cheat last time detected?

    My CS:GO cheat has never been detected by VAC. It was released officially on BlackSector on June 28th 2017, but was already being sold on another website since November 28th, 2016. As a complementary information, I am the sole author of this cheat and its protection.
  11. FaceIt

    No it doesn't.
  12. CS:GO Last Detection.

    My CS:GO cheat has never been detected.
  13. Appilaction

    Applications for PUBG have been disabled temporarily.
  14. Rust Review

    @Warm in the Misc window, you can bind a key to toggle the free camera
  15. Rust update

    The security against EAC still needs to be improved in some area. But right now the priority is PUBG.