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  1. I don't know what your banned IP is. You can send it to me on Telegram.
  2. Your account is not banned. If you use a VPN, it's possible the IP was banned.
  3. After a transaction has been confirmed by the network, it will take a few extra minutes before your subscription is activated. As your subscription is now active, I can close this thread.
  4. You only have a few hours to send all the required founds. If you have made a partial deposit and the purchase expired, you should have received an email with a link to claim back your bitcoins.
  5. It can take a few extra minutes before the subscription is active on the forum. You just have to wait.
  6. You need an active subscription. Yours has expired 1 hour ago.
  7. I've restarted the server and updated a few things, it works again.
  8. how02


    Your account got banned automatically by the antileak because you had a kernel debugger attached.
  9. how02


    Is this your banned account ? https://blacksector.solutions/profile/43376-phill/
  10. Don't take it the wrong way but you don't need to know the reason. We have already answered multiple times, low FPS caused by the spoofer is a known problem and I'm working on a proper fix. Low FPS with PUBG is already solved. When it will be, I can't give any ETA. When we say it automatically update, we mean that when I make an update, you do not need to re-download the loader.
  11. Sorry but I can't give any ETA, but soon I hope.
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