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  1. Yes but it is detected on Intel CPU
  2. Is it any better if you turn off the cheat, by pressing the DELETE key ?
  3. It appears the account has been stolen. I've restored the email and changed the password, you can reset the password using this link: https://blacksector.solutions/lostpassword
  4. The cheat is "up" in the sense that it can be injected and used, but you will be banned eventually. It's "use at your own risk" because it isn't instant-ban, some people have been able to use it for 2 weeks without ban, but I recommend to wait for a full fix.
  5. Bitcoin payments aren't instant and can take up to an hour to confirm, depending on the fees. I can close this thread as your payment went through.
  6. It isn't our choice to remove Paypal. Our business is against their ToS and as you mentioned, they can fine us $2.500 if we don't respect their acceptable use policy. There are strong rumors that Paypal will start supporting crypto currencies in the upcoming months, so you will probably be able to purchase our products again. Otherwise, you can always make an account on Coinbase.
  7. Activation is automated, no need to create a thread.
  8. It hasn't been tested.
  9. Our spoofer is not for sale at this time.
  10. The spoofer was removed from the store because it is detected by both EAC and BE, so no reason to sell it. It remains available for premium users if they want to continue using it.
  11. how02


    Activation isn't instant and can take a few more minutes after the payment has been confirmed on coinpayments. As your subscription has already been activated, you can now download the loader here:
  12. It appears they are using some sort of tracking file? I'm not sure, but try searching for a cleaner if one exist.
  13. It appears you are using Process Hacker. Please don't have it open when the loader or cheat is open. If you want to try a new key, you will have to delete the loader and re-download it.
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