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  1. how02

    Problem with payment

    No we don't.
  2. how02

    BlackSector - More Radical Heights (Soon™)

    Unless you are a hot grill, no
  3. how02

    Rust purchase doesn't work [Feedback]

    Unfortunately Rust is not for sale to the public at the moment.
  4. how02


    We don't support league anticheats such as FaceIt and GamersClub, so no, it is detected.
  5. how02

    question please.

  6. how02

    A few questions about your CSGO Cheat Security

    We don't need any ring0 security for VAC. My current approach is fully secure against VAC. The loader itself is never scanned, and even if it was, VAC would never be able to tell "this is BlackSector's loader" as the loader is unique to you. VAC's scan of the injected code doesn't return anything meaningful that could indicate it's a cheat. Furthermore, my cheat is immune to signature detections.
  7. how02

    Problem with payment

    This must be a problem with your bank. You can try to pay with bitcoin instead.
  8. how02

    Rust Hack :: Review

    Nice review
  9. how02


    He can always run Bootcamp, untested but it should work.
  10. how02


    No. Only Windows 7 SP1 and greater are supported.
  11. how02

    Working Hwid Spoofer for my boys

    This HWID changer is ineffective. It only change the volume id, not the hard drive serial number. The hardware profile and product id in the registry are indeed logged by EAC, but many more things are logged so it's clearly not enough to evade an HWID ban.
  12. I've confirmed your payment, you should now be able to login with your original account.
  13. how02

    Rust Cheat Purchase problem

    Please contact your chinese agent. Thread closed.
  14. how02


    Applications for PUBG are currently disabled, they should open again soon if everything goes well.