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  1. You need a Telegram account. You can join our group with this link: https://t.me/BlackSector_Solutions
  2. You can join our telegram group and send me a PM there. https://t.me/BlackSector_Solutions
  3. I have adjusted your subscription Sorry for the delay.
  4. We are extending all PUBG subscriptions during the downtime, there is no need for a pause.
  5. For some reason 0.00000002 BTC were missing in your transaction. I've manually accepted the transaction but please next time make sure all requested funds are sent, so the transaction is accepted automatically.
  6. Both of your transactions failed. You should have received a link to claim a refund from CoinPayments. In case you didn't, I've sent you another copy.
  7. Banek should have contacted you on the payment website, can you check?
  8. I have issued a renew invoice for you. You can pay it from here: https://blacksector.solutions/clients/orders/
  9. Your transaction will be automatically confirmed in a few minutes.
  10. how02


    Unfortunately Paypal is not easy to deal with. You can still pay using Paypal but you must already have the necessary funds on your Paypal account.
  11. Can you join our telegram group and send me a PM ?
  12. Yes it is a known problem and I haven't been able to fix the problem yet. Can you join our telegram group and send me a PM?
  13. Can you please contact me on Telegram? I'd like to do some tests on your computer. (You can join our server using this link: https://t.me/BlackSector_Solutions )
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