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  1. CSGO Cheat

    No it doesn't have this feature at the moment.
  2. ?

    When did you pay and was it with Bitcoin or Paypal ?
  3. I've merged your subscriptions.
  4. popflash ac

    It should be undetected then.
  5. popflash ac

    What anticheat are they using ?
  6. Fortnite is no longer for sale

    Hello everyone, As most of you have already heard, Epic Games has now implemented BattlEye in their latest update. Some of you have also read about one of our competitor being sued by Epic Games, so they had to shut down their Paragon and Fortnite cheat to prevent being sued. (You can read it here) Due to those 2 reasons, I have taken the decision to stop selling the Fortnite cheat. The cheat will still be available and updated for our current customers, effectively bypassing BattlEye, but subscriptions aren't going to be extended or renewed.
  7. Just bought csgo aim with bitcoin

    I've marked your invoice as paid, sorry for the delay.
  8. I've marked your invoice as paid. I think it happened because you payed as guest. Bitcoin automatic activation doesn't work at the moment, so it has to be done manually.
  9. paypal balance

  10. paypal balance

    You should be able to purchase, try it.

    It happens because you are logging in from a new computer. The only way is to purchase an HWID reset.
  12. I can't Purchase !!!

    It has been disabled temporarily.
  13. [READ ME] Fortnite CopyRight Strikes

    Also, do not dispute the copyright claim. Epic Games have already sued someone in the past for this.
  14. BTC Fortnite

    I've activated your subscription, sorry for the delay.
  15. [Video] BlackSector CSGO Stream Proof

    My stream proof method is only working with DirectX 9, Fortnite is DirectX 11.