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Found 6 results

  1. Paid for 1 month of PUBG Full in Btc via coinpayments however it is saying I have no active subscription and in my purchases it shows my old expired weekly subscription only. What do I do? EDIT: {SOLVED} It just popped up. Don't worry
  2. So let me first start off by saying..... i miss rust I was banned 313 days ago by detection... i made a dumb mistake and played with my cheats right after a update and EAC got me.. So ive done little research and bought many more accounts and have came to the conclusion that i am HWID banned? computer banned? something like that In a pretty deep hole but im sure someone knows how to get me out of it in these past recent weeks i have been wanting to play rust again and have come to the thought that the only way is to buy a new computer and move houses? DOES ANYONE know of a way i can actually play rust legit again? CAN ANYONE give me the full explanation on how to play again ? much appreciated fellow gamers !
  3. I've been banned like 5-7 times by now (kinda lost count) and I haven't tried these steps yet but I wanted to run it through some of you guys to see if I'm doing everything right or if I need to do more to be able to play on my desktop again. 1. Clear everything Facepunch and EAC related from registry using regedit 2. Uninstall steam, then reinstall Rust 3. Change all of the hard drives volume ids (i think my HWID spoofer does this) 4. Install Rust on my C drive 5. Change MAC address using TMAC and use a VPN (still trying to get my dad to change the actual IP since he has some databases linked to our current house IP) Again, if there is anything else that I'm doing wrong or need to add to this list please let me know, I would really prefer to play Rust on my desktop rather than my laptop lol. Thanks, - Z
  4. I started cheating February and first got banned in the middle of March. I went over to a second account immediately and everything was going fine until I got banned after two weeks. After that, everything kinda went down hill and I kept burning through accounts even after changing my HWID and my TMAC. If anyone knows how to properly evade the game bans, please let me know how to solve this issue so I can start playing again.
  5. I was browsing the forums and came up with an idea for support/ban section. In this section the cheat users could post various info of received bans in game in a simple form like: Cheat: ("rust, csgo, etc") Features used: ("speed, aimbot, etc") Current settings: ("aimbot values etc") Banned by: ("ac system/admin") Banned while: ("playing/offline") Point of this is to inform devs and users to watch out for certain ways of using the cheats. Sorry for any grammar mistakes. English is not my main language. Have a nice day everyone!
  6. Without linking me to any private posts ( because im technically a public user ).... could someone provide a reliable tutorial for resetting HWID after a rust ban... I don't mind losing all data on pc. backstory: I hacked rust in june of 2016, then stopped shortly after. then, I got banned a long while after (today). I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THAT THIS BAN, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BLACKSECTOR PRODUCTS......their cheat is 100% secure as far as i know and do not want to discourage anyone from investing
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