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  1. You could always try contacting Steam support, if you indeed haven't run any cheats. However the chance of getting unbanned is very low.
  2. Unfortunately our business is against PayPal's ToS and they have no problem suspending our accounts.
  3. It seems the transaction is still pending on the blockchain... Unfortunately this is beyond our control. My best guess is to wait, it will eventually be processed.
  4. If the hwid spoofer is working as expected, then no you won't be banned again.
  5. You need to use an HWID spoofer. Unfortunately ours is no longer for sale.
  6. how02


    No, it is not for sale.
  7. You can always contact @banek192 he has other payment methods.
  8. Cette option n'est plus possible malheureusement.
  9. No, it is built into the current hypervisor and I won't sell it.
  10. We don't edit any file. The loader sends a request to our server, who then query the database. It's trivial.
  11. The spoofer require a considerable rewrite to be undetected again. We will provide a new spoofer in the future but I can't provide any ETA.
  12. No it hasn't, I have been encountering some issues with it, but a lot of progress has been made. Unfortunately I can't give any new ETA other than "a few more weeks".
  13. We no longer accept Paypal payments.
  14. It is not for sale right now on the forum because it isn't safe. Please wait for an update.
  15. We only accept crypto currencies at this time. Banek has more payment options, you can always contact him.
  16. I'm working on a new and improved security, it should give better safety and performance. ETA is a few weeks.
  17. You can join our telegram channel: https://t.me/BlackSector_Solutions
  18. Unfortunately we no longer accept Paypal. You can contact @banek192, he has other payment methods.
  19. how02

    Obs stream?

    No there is no way to have stream proof without this workaround.
  20. Yes but it is detected on Intel CPU
  21. Is it any better if you turn off the cheat, by pressing the DELETE key ?
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