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  1. how02's post in I have paid but did not subscribe was marked as the answer   
    Bitcoin payments aren't instant and can take up to an hour to confirm, depending on the fees.
    I can close this thread as your payment went through.
  2. how02's post in Forum issues was marked as the answer   
    I have adjusted your subscription
    Sorry for the delay.
  3. how02's post in No Subscription? after 2x btc payments? was marked as the answer   
    For some reason 0.00000002 BTC were missing in your transaction. I've manually accepted the transaction but please next time make sure all requested funds are sent, so the transaction is accepted automatically.
  4. how02's post in CPEB6ZQUKKLNJCOOHPUQBETI1D HWID spoofer Bitcoin was marked as the answer   
    Your transaction was successfully confirmed.
    Thread closed.
  5. how02's post in i bought using BTC was marked as the answer   
    As I've answered on your email, confirmation is automatic but it might take a few extra minutes.
    As your subscription has been confirmed a minute ago, I can close this thread.
  6. how02's post in I paid pubg two hours ago but there is no activation. How long should I wait? was marked as the answer   
    Your subscription has been activated.
    Thread closed.
  7. how02's post in i wanna buy bs pubg and sell it in china was marked as the answer   
    Add me on Discord: how02#3821
  8. how02's post in Does anyone know if the pubg tricks works for pubg lite? was marked as the answer   
    No it's not supported.
  9. how02's post in HWID SPOOFER was marked as the answer   
    Yes. You won't be charged.
  10. how02's post in HWID Spoofer was marked as the answer   
    It does not work for everyone at the moment (but it works for some), so the status is left as Unknown.
  11. how02's post in Pubg prediction was marked as the answer   
    Prediction itself isn't fully fixed, but drop correction is perfect now.
  12. how02's post in Spoofer bought but nothing received was marked as the answer   
    You do not need a key, you can download the loader below and simply login with your forum username and password.
    The bitcoin transaction failed, I've transferred to your email a link you can use to claim a refund.
  13. how02's post in How do you buy the hacks? was marked as the answer   
    You can purchase our cheats from our store. https://blacksector.solutions/store/
  14. how02's post in Pubg hack esp only version was marked as the answer   
    Renewals are not automatic, if you don't want to renew, don't pay the invoice.
  15. how02's post in Does this cheat have backtracking? was marked as the answer   
    No it doesn't
  16. how02's post in Invoice Order #31701 says expired was marked as the answer   
    I've marked it as paid
  17. how02's post in Verified was marked as the answer   
    Applications are currently closed.
  18. how02's post in Bought CSGO full BTC paid, and says pending? was marked as the answer   
  19. how02's post in HELP was marked as the answer   
    The cheats are not free, an active subscription is required to download the loader.
  20. how02's post in Black Sector still undetected ? CSGO was marked as the answer   
    Hey, our CSGO cheat was detected back in May like many other internal cheats.
    We caught the VAC update before the banwave happened so we warned everyone that it would happen.
    Now our cheat is safe and this kind of detection won't work on us as we have preemptive methods in place.
  21. how02's post in question about csgo payment was marked as the answer   
    Hey, payments are not recurring. When your subscription is about to expire, an invoice will be automatically generated so you can renew. If you don't wish to renew, don't pay it and you won't be charged.
  22. how02's post in I bought cheats with bitcoin and the transaction is verified, however still dont have them was marked as the answer   
    Thank you for your purchase, I've marked your transaction as paid.
  23. how02's post in Payed BTC didn't Recieve Cheat was marked as the answer   
    I've marked your transaction as paid.
  24. how02's post in wtf is this royalhack was marked as the answer   
    Hello Kittonium, even if I know you are obviously trolling, I will still clarify a few things because you are being mislead.
    I am the sole author of the cheat that is being used on RoyalHack. The cheats sold here have many improvements related to their stability and security. I originally developed the cheats for BlackSector but then chose to work with Unstuck and his team on RoyalHack, effectively importing all my original work (around 15 months of development). Note that it is a complete rewrite and the code base has nothing to do with my previous work (KGCheats being mentioned).
    What happened with RoyalHack is that Unstuck simply didn't work enough, other people like wav, v3n0m4 and even mattdog never joined the actual project. So I was really the only one developing cheats, research on anticheats (EAC and BE). Unstuck was working a few hours per week but with his limited coding skill, him not replying to half of his private messages, constant delays and broken promises, led me to being fed up with the situation.
    It turns out that Unstuck has been lying since he kiked me off RoyalHack, keeping all my work (which is 90+% of the code base. All the UI, the server backend (I even had to develop a MySQL connector for .Net Core), the obfuscator/mutation engine, is mine. The CS:GO cheat, the Rust cheat and the PUBG cheat that are advertised on RoyalHack are all my work.). Here is an exemple of a casual lie or appropriation by Unstuck:
    But luckily, git has a wonderful feature called git blame (git annotate on Visual Studio) which reveal who commited a line:

    There is not much to say, beside that he has been calling me a thief while he stole all my fucking work, it's disgusting. But you didn't know better, I hope you do now.
  25. how02's post in CSGO cheat last time detected? was marked as the answer   
    My CS:GO cheat has never been detected by VAC.
    It was released officially on BlackSector on June 28th 2017, but was already being sold on another website since November 28th, 2016.
    As a complementary information, I am the sole author of this cheat and its protection.
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