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  1. DOWNtime

    Rust feedback

    Yeah, Rn have 103.
  2. DOWNtime

    Rust feedback

    86 hours without ban.
  3. DOWNtime

    Rust feedback

    Everyone whos cheating should know risk of it. There will be a Day when all of us will take hit by eac.
  4. DOWNtime

    Rust feedback

    Hello. Today i want let you know info about rust cheat. All of US know sitiuation, bs is detected but probably i find Way to be safe. Actually using private version build of windows, with disabled few options and right now have like 36 hours with out ban. About cheat what i can it's : - amazing ESP, very good aimbot ( would be great if in the future how Will add silentaim) and other misc's are good. Would say thanks for how, bro make what are you doing and in the future Will you have the most popular cheating platform in the World. Have fun!
  5. There u have to use English language.
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