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  1. I saw that ranked there is a cheat to get 20 players to drop as bots any idea how this is done?
  2. The people that watch and put on these events are disillusioned
  3. I seen some totally blatant aimbotting in the tournaments too. Could be they are disillusioned and think all these players are legit
  4. She is hot!!! id hack that all day long :D
  5. @how02 its been bugging me for a while now. Who is the woman in your avatar
  6. cause they are idiots that dont care they are banned over and over and over again. A surplus of money perhaps
  7. The client they use for tournaments is different to that what we play so perhaps there is no anticheat as you say
  8. If you are on a high dose of sertraline then i would suggest lowering it. :D
  9. I paused my pubg sub due to being banned via detection last year. My sub expired although the cheat appears not to be 100% safe I would like to bring this to attention of admin Paused on Paused (08/21/19)
  10. Was more of a joke than anything with a hint of seriousness. Play legit enjoy = cheat longer. I only got banned because of detecting last year. I agree best cheat
  11. BSS is aimed at being a legit cheat for sophisticated cheaters. So rage away. Enjoy the ban
  12. It would be interesting to see how esp works with 90 bots
  13. That is simply not true! People get caught eventually as I played legit and was only caught when it was detected to say otherwise is spreading false infos
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