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  1. BeDifferent

    Rust Hacking #3

    "Trembo cannot receive messages."
  2. BeDifferent

    Rust Hacking #3

    @Trembo Can you upload your config? Looks interesting
  3. Make sure you set the quality at 1440p! Thanks for playing @hinrich95
  4. The current design one looks the best, but my opinion.
  5. -Thanks for the feedback guys!
  6. Hello BlackSectorSolutions - Community, this is my first testimonial after using the hack for Rust. I just wanted to give some feedback to other buyers who might be thinking about purchasing. I'm totally impressed! Configuration: [10/10] It takes literally 2 minutes to learn everything about it. I'd say that installing and setting up the cheat was very simple to use and understand! Client/Design: [10/10] The Launcher done, what he should do. The GUI is very simply, clean, and easy to use. Good FPS and the fact the client injects the cheat so fast is amazing. And It is not a 0815 design, it is kept very professional. Respect for it! Features: [10/10] Aimbot: The aimbot is insanely useful, it can be used for legit play but also for rage. The prediction is some of the best I've seen.Nothing much to say, it is just awesome how fast and well it reacts.This is whatevery cheats aimbot should be like. ESP: Clear colours, you can choose whatever you want, distance is fully customizable. Every visual option you can think like, Loot ESP, Resource ESP, Player ESP and much more, very effective overall. NoRecoil/Double Jump and much more: Not much to say here, Im pressing me in much ways. Works perfectly and no issues with it so far! And a lot more, you can find the rest here (BlackSectorSolutions - Rust Features) Misc: [10/10] This is the second Rust cheat I have used with such a nice amount of features that are not just ESP and Aimbot, I love the ability to fast gather and fly around. All the features worksthere, no exception. Secruity: [?/10] I have been using it for 1 day on (modded, battlefield and vanilla servers) and havent gotten banned yet. All of the features like ESP and Aimbot are very smooth and customizable. The Hack is not detected yet and you can use it without any doubts and so on. It's not the typical 0815 and usual hack, this one works for sure! Every implemented feature is working perfectly. In total: [10/10] You can guess it. The Hack is amazing if you can get your hands on it, the price is well justified for the amount of work hours and effort put into it! Very Reasonable price for great programming and work! BlackSectorSolutions Community: [11/10] One of the best features of this hack is the Community! Greetings - BeDifferent
  7. Hello everybody, I am relatively new on this website and I would like to say hello to all. First thing is this site is very well put together! - There is a lot of people on elitepvpers/mpgh and much more selling invitation (invites) to this site for the Rust Hack and propably many others have been scammed into this well long story short do not, believe anyone saying they are able to send invite and or account. That's why I report those, who try! Candidate 1: https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/rust-trading/4600492-rust-private-cheat-invite.html#post37466527 User @dullbap Proof: Candidate 2: https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/rust-trading/4601215-bss-esp-aimbot.html
  8. Hello Community, Does someone know if BlackSectorSolutions has a Discord Server? Can't seem to find a link. Best regards
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