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The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. ViRTUS

    Please take down "VACNet support"

    I am sorry someone from the staff team added this. I have removed it thanks for reporting.
  2. ViRTUS

    My opinion about BlackSector.Solutions

    I can talk with how02 about it.
  3. ViRTUS

    My opinion about BlackSector.Solutions

    Added 10 days to your subscription and also to your friend @daffik (also changed his sub from aimbot to full version). Thanks for this review.
  4. ViRTUS

    BlackSector ShowCase

    Added 7 days to your subscription. Music is good reminds me of old times.
  5. ViRTUS

    BlackSector - Radical Heights (Soon)

    Added to your account now you can try
  6. ViRTUS

    The Ultimate Pubg Review (In depth)

    Great review added 5 days extra to your pubg sub.
  7. ViRTUS

    Youtuber promoting the BSS

    Good promotion
  8. ViRTUS

    What is your favourite movie?

    Casino 1995 Best movie
  9. ViRTUS

    BlackSector CSGO Promotion

    Nice video but many people make videos like. In my opinion it is important to see the cheat with matchmaking highlights but still good video.
  10. ViRTUS

    Cheating on Alt

    If they ban your hardware id then your main account will get banned too but they wont ban you via hwid I am pretty sure about that. So if your second account should get banned your main wont be banned. Just make sure you restart your computer maybe after you are done with playing on your smurf.
  11. ViRTUS

    PUBG is now available !

    Dear community, applications for pubg are open again. Please read "How to apply for PUBG" thread
  12. ViRTUS


    Currently applications are closed

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