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  1. Fredrik

    Legit Hacking #4 - CSGO

    I have no idea what you just said
  2. Fredrik

    Legit Hacking #4 - CSGO

    Might want to edit out all the deaths and waiting times idk - way too long and slow for me to watch all of it. Not to mention all the other ones you posted. and why would you want to make your ui purple?
  3. Sorry, my psychiatrist told me that I am not mentaly healthy right now and have to wait before I add you
  4. *Outer glows and dropped shadows intensifies* I'm just bored, don't mind me
  5. Fredrik

    HWID Spoofer

    Lol you read way too much into his comment, he just thought your comments were sort of contradictory. Instead, you should go hit the ball in rocket league so we can play again when you manage to hit it. Sidenote: hitting the ball against ai doesn't count, you need to play with real people ^^
  6. The ability to freeze subscriptions is meant to be more of a luxury for longer breaks (vacations, exams etc.) than it is for daily inactivity. I don't think there is anyone on here that doesn't have other things to do as well. Otherwise, you could just pause it for your every breath away from the computer ^^
  7. What are you trying to say? Rust is still down/detected if that's what you're thinking about.
  8. Just make a new profile and click all random, then it will change all of the values of your computer's parts.
  9. Fredrik

    Rust cheating video

    Lol rest in peace to that account's stats from all of those headshots, but fun video - the aim prediction is just so ridiculously strong on the aimbot
  10. Fredrik


    This. I would just generally stay away from those who won't allow you to connect with a vpn, but you can of course play without one until you get banned (unless you have a dynamic ip, in that case you can always change ip). There are also some really cheap nordvpn licenses on wmcentre, the delay will be close to nonexistent if you spoof yourself to a server in your own country : )
  11. Right click the video for endless loop, thank me later.
  12. https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/reputation
  13. I didn't know dogs could use computers, good on you
  14. The more you refresh the page the longer it's going to feel like it takes. Don't think of it as a sort of "any minute now" ordeal. Checking in once or twice a week will be more than enough, since there is probably going to be an ETA announcement when the loader is about to be updated and they will begin to open up for applicants. Do yourself the favor.
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