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  1. I opened my computer this morning and I was opening the BSS launcher and it says that I need an HWID reset for no reason. What should I do?
  2. When do you think the spoofer will be back up?
  3. Turnip


    So I had a question, some servers on rust do not allow VPN's to use. Do I have to use a VPN when using HWID Spoofer/when playing rust? Or is it ok not to be using one? Also, if I do have to use one which one do you suggest.
  4. So since the spoofer now says "Unknown" for EAC, what are you chances of getting banned? 50/50? And will this be repaired in the time coming?
  5. Turnip

    HWID Reset

    I just bought the HWID Reset thing, then i ran it. It worked fine, but when I turned my PC off and later got back on it said that I had to buy it again, can someone please help me. Discord - Turnip4745
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