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  1. I'm sad ... I've been here for so long and all I wanted was to be able to buy the black sector for rust, I've used it once and I really liked it and wanted to renew it but I don't think I have permission for that, please what I do to get again. Money is no problem, I have 400 $ to spend. thanks for your attention and I hope someday be able to use black again :(
  2. good good , yeah this is a nice price so how can i get reputation ? :p
  3. its 35 for a month right ?
  4. I liked it but I doubt if I can use it again I'm just a poor dog with no reputation
  5. Is 35 per month? if that's perfect
  6. well I'll wait however I have in mind that this hack is more expensive than an eye I live in Brazil and here we pay in "reais" and not in dollars or 1 dollar = 4.95 reais
  7. Really do not understand ... every day a lot of time I enter this site, always says "Invites for Rust are currently closed but they will open again soon!" but never open, apparently that day is far ...
  8. very fair of you giving me a negative reputation without me even knowing it and I say more bought with this guy and he sold me a key really but I did not know he had no permission or anything of the kind
  9. and why i have a negative reputation ? LOL I did not even know
  10. Wait is not allowed to buy with the risky?
  11. yeah true the cheat it's really good but my key will end 14/03
  12. how can i get invited to buy the cheat ? I bought a key with an guy to use black sector solutions for rust but now i want to have a invite to buy directly on the official website can i ? the printscreen: http://prntscr.com/mwrmiu
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