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2 minutes ago, theracerbr2 said:

how can i get invited to buy the cheat ? 

I bought a key with an guy to use black sector solutions for rust but now i want to have a invite to buy directly on the official website can i ? the printscreen: http://prntscr.com/mwrmiu

You basically need to just wait for invites to open :) I can't wait for them to open again, the cheat is insane @how02 is a god coder

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  • 4 weeks later...

I apologize for bumping this old thread, but how02 mentioned this reseller (Risky) in a different thread.


Also, I don't think there is any gateway from having bought from risky's selly shop, to getting an invitation to the rust subscription.

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4 minutes ago, theracerbr2 said:

Wait is not allowed to buy with the risky?

very fair of you giving me a negative reputation without me even knowing it and I say more bought with this guy and he sold me a key really but I did not know he had no permission or anything of the kind

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