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Invites for Rust are currently closed but they will open again soon !

PUBG is now available to the public !


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  1. No its like the cheat is still running
  2. No to answer your question once you end the cheat its still lower fps
  3. He puts posts on EPVP and says its HIS cheat half the time
  4. Yeah he sells for other providers
  5. Its kinda already public as ive said in one of my posts ive used for 5 days straight i brought a keys of a reseller for like $50 all together its really expensive buying off resellers
  6. Yeah i dont get it cause both times the ban waves happened i was still using but maybe its cause i only use esp
  7. JimmyChau

    HWID Spoofer

    Honestly didnt know what to expect for such a low price considering most I've seen sell for loads but honestly its perfect! Not much i can say about it except its fucking brill works incredibly well on Rainbow Six Siege as Im HWID banned and can now play, managed to play like 9 games then rage quit cause i suck tested on fortnite too and its perfect, haven't tested on rust since i have not yet received a ban on rust even tho i used BSS on rust for 5 days straight raging lol but honetsly 10/10 and worth the such low price what the heck! get it while you can 10/10
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