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  1. Denied only I’m allowed rust sorry
  2. Omg man i was plat 1 last season and was placed in plat 1 this season and keep going up and down dont judge ffs Show off
  3. Well you sound extra cocky for someone who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s on about? Yes I did go full rage until the cheat went apparently detected and I only used no recoil and esp buddy don’t see your issue considering I even gave my account link so everyone can see for their selves when I get banned lmao plus ask Spacey another member on this forums we were literally HvHing on rust lmao so pipe down peasant
  4. Not meant to help anyone sticking to my word of updating this with screens of my profile too show proof. B———D
  5. still no ban havnet played for a while tho due to exams and being away,but still no delayed ban lasting 4 weeks.
  6. Frrrr gotta get that recoil slider but obvs once the cheat becomes undetected for everyone not just me and some
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