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  1. n0s

    Rust cheating video

    Oh lmao didn't even realise, still to test the cheats waiting for them to become UD and i need a new pc
  2. n0s

    Rust cheating video

    nice video man what cheats are these?
  3. Nice man, sure this will help someone out dearly or even myself Good luck everyone, thanks for the giveaway
  4. I meant as in its risky as in its not a good idea but yeah i heard that guy is a scammer thanks how02 <3
  5. True I've seen so many, only thing about buying from re sellers is its PRICEY $$$$ and risky, seems like alot of them are not genuine re sellers for BSS.
  6. n0s

    HWID Spoofer

    Yeah this is possible but I thought the bans was because the cheat as a whole got detected and not the due to the functions being used.
  7. n0s

    HWID Spoofer

    nice review man, excited to try it out myself when the cheat becomes UD
  8. If bss was public it is more likely to keep getting detected. Invite Only helps prevent that.
  9. n0s

    Favorite Cheating Video?

    Yeah Royal Hack always looked like a great cheat, never got around to trying it out though its features generally look OP Nice video anyway man x
  10. Hey BSS, I'm at work and I'm bored af, just looking through my old youtube likes and came across some old cheating videos and I have to say this is definitely my all time favorite. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htmWtOwPBek I miss how rust used to look and play like, was the shit, what are your guys favorite cheating videos maybe you have made some yourselves? Hope u all have a great day x
  11. Really useful review, I'm sure the community will find this hella useful. Excited for the invites to reopen so fingers crossed I can give it ago myself 10/10 man x
  12. n0s

    Short Rust Clip

    aha thats joke, miss cheating on rust is always a laugh
  13. Cheers for the welcomes aha only had 2 replies to use up. See you all around.
  14. yo man, hope ur good. any discord for the forums?
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