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  1. Well thats exactly why the cheat was down for a year. How02 was working on virtualization for security. And it was working great, I lasted about 12 days, so a full wipe. Then EAC did a huge update that knocked 99% if not 100% of all cheat services down. Now I dont know why its taking so long to come back up, but im sure How02 is working on it. Some other cheat providers have closed their doors after the update. And others were up the next day. just give it some time and you will reap the rewards. How02 lets us freeze our subs. So just freeze and find another game to play while you wait for an update. Although I do agree that the re-sellers might make it a bit more difficult to keep UD, but if I can last a week im happy.
  2. Indeed it was. I dont play there anymore though.
  3. Just a short Clip I made for rust. Thought it was funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c2PMhBtx3c&feature=youtu.be anyways enjoy .
  4. ShadowStep14

    rust hack

    Was fun to watch.
  5. Generally to keep a cheat undetected, you need to have a driver that allows you to change values without the anti cheat detecting it. I would say Focus on the basics for now as the guys above said.
  6. I'm sure it is possible. At the same time eac has thought about the same thing. So they most likely already monitor for vm. There should be ways to trick it though, just need a bit of know how and patience.
  7. This seems very promising. :=)
  8. They might in the future. But as of right now How02 has a lot of work with rust and pubg security. So I doubt they will be adding any new cheats till those two games have been sorted out.
  9. You must be swamped with work at the moment.
  10. Wow that's pretty detailed, good job man. Really shows exactly what people are getting.
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