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Spoofer and rust?



Quick question, are the rust subscribers required to be able to change their IPs in order to evade previous bans besides from running the spoofer? Because I'm pretty sure that EAC are blacklisting IPs alongside hwid, mac, hdd serials and the operating system.

I could be wrong, though.

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3 hours ago, Fredrik said:

Gotcha. Do you use one that you can recommend?

At the start i used Express VPN, It seemed to work good. But then i realised i've got a new IP and only needed to spoof my hwid to play. So currently im only using the Spoofer and im at 15 hours played without a ban

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1 minute ago, Fredrik said:

Woah, that's crazy how long some people can play while others claim to get banned in 30 seconds ^^ - Got a discord that I can add? If you don't mind : )

30 secs would be with the CHEAT not the SPOOFER 


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