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The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. bobbafatso

    EAC has been bought by epic games

    Who is hoppel?
  2. bobbafatso

    EAC has been bought by epic games

    I dont know who hoppel is, never heard of him. So they must have changed it earlier this year? Because i know of people who was hwid, waited 3 months and no bans after that. People who got hwid in april/may on the other hand.. Still struggling with hwid ban
  3. bobbafatso

    EAC has been bought by epic games

    Exactly! Personally i think we will see even longer bans, it has happend allready. People who is on their 6th or 7th month by now and still hwid.. I hope i am wrong, but eac will just prob become stronger by this sale.
  4. bobbafatso

    EAC has been bought by epic games

    Hmm.. I doubt that to be honest. BUT if they change their policy and dont hold bans for that long, well that is excellent.
  5. bobbafatso

    Cheater Zerg ?

    Sendt a req on disc
  6. bobbafatso

    HWID Ban

    I think they have extended their hwid bans..
  7. bobbafatso


    Eu parlament.. The biggest gathering of retarded asshole in one place, i would love to see the union crash completely.
  8. bobbafatso


    I think they have extended their bans now lol.
  9. bobbafatso

    Rust Refund

  10. bobbafatso

    i want pubg hack

    I want money aswell, like 3 million euro or something.
  11. bobbafatso

    A New Possible Way to Remove HWID Bans

    Mistakes or not, it wont do anything. This ^^ up there, wont help.

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