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The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. bobbafatso

    Need something

  2. bobbafatso

    Need something

    In english?
  3. bobbafatso

    Need something

    Remember that the bans can last anything from 2 months to 12, thats what i read about it some time ago. It would not supprise me if they perma ban people to be honest. If you find someone who can help you with some good loot, be careful, specially if you play with main.
  4. bobbafatso

    Rust hack PvP

    How can u block eac like that?
  5. bobbafatso

    Rust VAC ban question

    Never forget to change mac adress.. And btw, you dont get vac bans in rust.
  6. bobbafatso

    EAC has been bought by epic games

    Who is hoppel?
  7. bobbafatso

    EAC has been bought by epic games

    I dont know who hoppel is, never heard of him. So they must have changed it earlier this year? Because i know of people who was hwid, waited 3 months and no bans after that. People who got hwid in april/may on the other hand.. Still struggling with hwid ban
  8. bobbafatso

    EAC has been bought by epic games

    Exactly! Personally i think we will see even longer bans, it has happend allready. People who is on their 6th or 7th month by now and still hwid.. I hope i am wrong, but eac will just prob become stronger by this sale.
  9. bobbafatso

    EAC has been bought by epic games

    Hmm.. I doubt that to be honest. BUT if they change their policy and dont hold bans for that long, well that is excellent.
  10. bobbafatso

    HWID Ban

    I think they have extended their hwid bans..
  11. bobbafatso


    Eu parlament.. The biggest gathering of retarded asshole in one place, i would love to see the union crash completely.
  12. bobbafatso


    I think they have extended their bans now lol.

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