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  1. Tmac does not work against eac as it used to like a year ago. Getting hwid banned these days, new hdd/ssd wont do shitt.
  2. You can log into same emails, fb etc with the other pc, no problem doing that. I was hard hwid and prob still am, haven`t touched rust in months now due to no working spoofers. When i had my other pc, i used same fb, bank accounts, hotmails and gmails without getting banned on the other pc and i switched from pc to pc several times a day. Played for a couple of months before the old pc took a dive.
  3. They remove a little bit of the info, but you will still be hwid banned.
  4. Its not him doing anything wrong if he started using it while it was detected
  5. Dont worry, you are helpful with all those points. except the vpn part as i stated far up in this thread. My only point is, vpn is not working against bans in the way people think or belive. If people feel more safe using it, pls do I had 2 computers, my brother one. I used both of them for gaming, one is hwid banned, not the other one. The other one has not been used for cheating, just to have a spare pc. Anyway, i used to switch from my hwid banned pc, to the clean one in 1-2 min. Same port, same ip, same cable, same monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. No bans, ever. Did that for about 4-6 months, 1 or 2 months was under testing for 2 different providers aswell. I even switched port with my brother by accident sometimes, nothing happend.
  6. Nope. If you get a working spoofer and are hwid banned, try playing with spoofer only, static or dynamic ip, doesn`t mather. I have done it tons of times last year. I even switched from my hwid banned pc to the not banned one in 1-2 min, same port, same ip, zero bans, everrrrrrrrr
  7. You really think vpn helps? That`s funny af.
  8. You are mixing mac address with ip address. Vpn`s are for changing your ip from the router/location, not mac. The mac address wil allways be there, vpn or no vpn.l So to say it very simple, vpn is totaly worthless when getting hwid banned.
  9. Exactly I know of people trying all sorts of vpn`s and still even get server bans, if admins can see you, then certainly eac can see you to lol.
  10. Vpn is no point of using if you have dynamic ip and tmac is something that worked in the past, not anymore. Other then that, great tips
  11. Tons of people still play it, maybe not the same amount, but people still crave for it. I dont like that game myself though, never will.
  12. I see. I heard people talking about having monitors flagged, but i dont think its flagged like mob and such, they prob log it as you say though so when certain flagged hwids appear on a certain pc they keep banning those acc. Its normal to sell and buy used monitors aswell, i would guess its the most sold part of the pc. I belive they have that in consideration, hopefully.. I had 2 computers, hard hwid ban. Switched from the other pc to the other when i wanted to play rust, never a ban.
  13. Then they prob log the rest aswell?
  14. Nah i doubt they flag monitor. I switched stuff around, mouse, monitors, hdd, ram etc etc. My conclusion is that they flag mob and ram. Tried also different win versions, 1803, 1809, 1709. Yea its weird, eac is strange..
  15. What win do you have? 7 or 10? If win 10, wich version and build?
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