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  1. Haha, good one.
  2. When i played apex while being hwid, i never had to go that far when using a working spoofer.
  3. U dont think im aware of that?
  4. I have experienced delayed bans up to 13-14 days, if you manage to get over that then i would call it semi detected.
  5. I dont think i would say soon, but sometime in the future perhaps and its detected or am i missing something?
  6. It`s hard to give any eta on such things. Just wait and follow the forum, he will update the second its ready.
  7. I think this was an improvement, good job
  8. Nice, i bought a sub. Gonna test it when i have time to play.
  9. Days, weeks, months, you never know.
  10. Yea stay away from Risky, its a known fact that he sells bss. To some people he say that its a cheat called Rpg and to others he say it is his own cheat. If they aren`t trusted, dont blur out their names.
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