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  1. What is your favourite movie?

    That is a good one indeed.
  2. A few questions about your CSGO Cheat Security

    Yea true that, but look where it got them lol. Can`t say they have any good stuff anymore, atleast as what i can see. Guess karma works, sometimes.
  3. Cheap Rust

    I rather stay with SwiftGames myself, maybe 2-3 dollars more, but i like the staff and support you get.
  4. rust hack ill pay more

  5. rust hack ill pay more

    Begging wont help, but thats just my opinion..
  6. New EAC Hardware Checks

    I saw someone talking about the motherboard, but idk. Sounds tricky.
  7. Cheap Rust

    I bought once from that site steambuy, luckily i found
  8. Cheap Rust

    Isn`t that cracked accounts?
  9. Free Rust Services

    Sad to say, but rust is life... Jk
  10. Scammer Among Us

    Ty for the heads up.
  11. What is your favourite movie?

    F&F 1 is the best, maybe not for todays standards though. But i feel fast and furious lost the touch after nr 4 or 5.
  12. Rust hack

    No bans on servers or accounts, so far
  13. Rust hack

    I had to just do a quick review after using this cheat for almost 6 weeks or so. It has really given me alot of fun in many ways you can`t have without blacksector, maybe i am wrong but i doubt it. Aimbot 9/10: It can be buggy once a week, but other then that they enemy should just pray they have good cover Esp:10/10: It has everything you need and then some Misc: 10/10: Freecam, speedhack, fast gather, daytime, location marker, friends list. Location marker and friends list isn`t in the misc menu, but i take it in the same category in this review. Freecam is one of the things that really makes this cheat op for various reasons, when you are going to raid, counter raid, farming++. Location marker, awesome to have, specially in vanilla servers or servers without tp. Friends list, good to have, but not necessary in my mind. Different people, different opinions. I miss waterhack now and then, but its not a big miss, i personally barely used it. All in all, superb cheat 9.5/10
  14. My Random Legit Highlight

    Nice, good recoil controll.