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    Didn't receive order ( CSGO FULL 1 MONTH )

    Await an administrator or a staff member to help you out.
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    I cant create a thread

    Upon entering the forum you have a selection of multiple categories with sub-categories etc, Select one of your desires and select "Start a new topic" Basically the same way you did this one.
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    Question About Invites

    Start practising
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    BlackSector - Radical Heights (Soon)

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    The Ultimate Pubg Review (In depth)

    Lookin' good
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    Is it hard to code/inject hack?

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    Linwes Rust Review

    This is my Rust review, I have had the chance to put my hands onto this hack quite a while back, My very first opinion of it was quite positive, I like comparing stuff with one another. I compared it with Invictus, Who are now under the name of Evil Cheats, However, I'd now like to share my experience and introduce to you my knowledge of BlackSector's Rust cheat. The hacks themselves requires an account to be used within their launcher, there you will also find out whether it's detected or not which, in my opinion is a big deal and is a positive thing. The launcher itself is simple, easy management and injections are easy to do. I have only been banned once with this cheat and that was when I played very obvious, and I do just use the ESP and no recoil etc. I have had it for about 1,5 months. Aimbot The aimbot menu is easy to configure, My own personal, favourite thing about it is the possibility to turn off the "Swap Target" and to switch priorities. There are many features within this menu, the layout is decent I must say, There are alot of features but I rather prefer having everything in the same window, but I understand the layout for the amount of features, I also come with a proposition to actually remove the "Bind" tab and put it in with the rest in the "Bind Settings" It is just a proposition. The way of humanizing it all could be better, improvement takes time, but I do like the way of changing the smoothness of the aimbot itself, how fast it travels to (i.e the bones, head, chest and stomach). Radar This is what I do not like, I always turn it off, it is not needed at all and there is noting more to say. MISC This is lovely, the "Accuracy" tab is what I love, especially the "No Recoil", It is just lovely, I barely use the rest, Maybe adding a Clearvision to Caves/Tunnels would be amazing. ESP This, is lovely, What I have spent my time on the most, it is excellent I must say, I have barely used the "Trap" because of the existence of the free camera, I have mostly been stuck with Player, Resource, Loot, Animal, and Other tabs. The ones I enjoy to use the most are the basic ones, the players themselves, bags/corpses, locate the helicopter with it's current health status, even the scientists, I also use the "Stash" locator often and I do really like this, indeed I do. There are features such as being able to see the airdrops, barrels, and alot more, all of the crates etc. Friend List This I must say is extremely useful whilst playing with your friends, to disable the aimbot to trigger them and to change their color to show them they are your ally. I used to struggle with this, but I think you should improve it a bit, maybe by adding the availability to enter their steam IDs. Color Manager To be honest, I have never used this, I liked the layout from default, but this could be a good thing for those who enjoy colors... Nothing to say about this really. Crosshair Selector I very seldom use this on Rust, I used to use it on CS:GO though, Was fine. Bind Manager/ Settings This, This is what I want, a bind manager to toggle everything you need, My opinion on the Bind manager is positive, there is nothing to do from my view. The Settings menu however, is not perfect but simple, It has the possibility to Load up the desired config, change name, but I do know they save in the folder but there should just be an export button. You may aswell create your own config, to leak to the public if you so desire. Conclusion I do not mean to insult any of how02's creations, nor any hate towards him or the staff, this is just from my experience and view. The way I did this was simple, but I think I atleast had the chance to introduce the Rust cheat for the rest of you, I had some recorded footage but it is terrible and will probably upload some newer footage at some point in the near future, However, The hack itself is great, I just had some minor issues and decided to share it and some of you might aswell agree with some of them. This was my review, and hopefully it did inform you anything of my experience with this so far.
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    My Random Legit Highlight

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    My Random Legit Highlight

    It is supposed to be there
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    My Random Legit Highlight

  11. Nefertina91

    My Random Legit Highlight

    Here's a random highlight I made, it is pure legit, no cheats any way at all. There are blackbars because I run rust on a custom resolution.
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    Best Rust Cheat

    I'm amazed
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    What do you listen to right now?

    Hardstyle brah fuaa
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    What is your job?

    Educating to become an Electrician and a Personal Trainer.