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Invites for PUBG and Rust are currently closed but they will open again soon !


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  1. The spoofer was for testing purposes, it seems to be functional at this point.
  2. "Undetected" / "Secure" Everyone is doing the same codes basically, same base, same foundation, so everythings basically having the same code, implementing junk code is not even worth it either if you have considered doing that. * Do not copy others bases nor their codes, even if your trying to make your own, make yours unique. * Consider C++ for game hacking, personally I find C++ the best game hacking language, it's all preference.
  3. How was your trip to Afghanistan?
  4. Await an administrator or a staff member to help you out.
  5. Upon entering the forum you have a selection of multiple categories with sub-categories etc, Select one of your desires and select "Start a new topic" Basically the same way you did this one.
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