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Invites for PUBG and Rust are currently closed but they will open again soon !


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  1. Crasher

    Rust feedback

    ive lasted now 9 days with 47 hours im pretty sure the rust cheat is ud ??????? and same for the spoofer
  2. Rust Hacking EP2 Black Sector is Undetected I love Cheating Crasher#6030 for my services <3
  3. Crasher

    [PUBG] [OLD] Smooth Sniper Showcase

    oh yeh
  4. Crasher

    [PUBG] [OLD] Smooth Sniper Showcase

    pubg is back up?
  5. Crasher

    Help with TMac

    It says failed to change mac address. For wireless network connections, set the first octet of MAC address as '02' and try again. I have ethernet and i have changed the first octet to 02 and i still get the error
  6. Crasher

    HWID or Soft Ban?

    I have 2 accounts banned so far, 1 was my main and my other I was hacking on. So I am hwid banned?
  7. Crasher

    Best Rust Cheat

    All in 45 mins
  8. Crasher

    Rust Hack Moments #1

    Yo dm me your config please mate
  9. Crasher

    amazing Rust hack

    The best cheat out there 100%

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