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  1. BlackSector PUBG Guide Welcome on how to get started with the PUBG Cheat. It has come to my attention a lot of people are asking if their was a guide, so I thought I would make one. Here you go: *NOTE* This video only goes over what you have to do in order to make the cheat work/inject. I hope this guide helped you get started. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Applications for RUST and PUBG are currently not open. No ETA as to when they will open.
  3. Oh.. can't say I'm sad never played the game haha
  4. Ah sorry. Just going for the pubg color scheme.
  5. Another cheat, another battle royale to wreck some noobs who get angry when they die.. Amazing! Hopefully they don't bring a good anti-cheat like fornite did when it started to blow up and they couldn't handle the ammount of cheaters hahaha
  6. I played a ton of duo with a friend.. He spectated me and didn't even question me about anything. Haha Also I went out my replays to view what it's like if you can see the aimbot from spectating.. No joke the replay I was watching It looked legit. It didn't look like I had aimbot at all. I would play with friends and not some random dude that way your friends won't report you -GamingLxg
  7. I realize that your german. I don't speak german myself but I translated my answer in german. [English Version] Hey, Currently applications for pubg are closed. There is no ETA as to when they could open again. Stay active and stay tuned. [German Version] Hallo. Derzeit sind die Bewerbungen für pubg geschlossen. Es gibt keine ETA, wann sie wieder öffnen können. Bleib aktiv und bleib dran. -GamingLxg
  8. @flow Bro, I didn't even realize hahahaha. We all make mistakes sometimes hahaa.
  9. @lokidoki You're welcome. Thought it might come handy. -GamingLxg
  10. Thank you guys for the nice comments, highly appreciated -GamingLxg
  11. It has come to my attention that not many people use the BlackSector Watermark in their videos and they don't put their video as unlisted (If you put a video as unlisted, no one can see the video without the url.) So, for example if you upload a video put it as unlisted and then post it on here, only BlackSector members can view it here. If you don't do this and don't provide the watermark other people could download the video and use it to scam others. If you don't do the steps above. So, to ensure others safety I will provide a tutorial in how to use the watermark. This way if y
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