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  1. Actually its quite easy to understand, some others providers are selling overpriced products.
  2. Hello Here you can see a old showcase video, featuring every features (back to may 2 2018 - propably new features since)
  3. Lmao smooth 0 good job
  4. Wait for @how02 to get online, he is the only who receive payment and can active subs.
  5. iThaLove

    [PUBG] Finally.

    Yay anyway good job :d
  6. iThaLove

    [PUBG] Finally.

    Its only the beginning of the season, we will see at the end if ur still numba one. Last season i finish top4 with 2500+ Rating, feelsbad
  7. Dont forgot to put 1080p60fps Enjoy
  8. 17 KD + 5 wins in a row + unrealistic statistic. Manual banned brother, people must be report you a lot.
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