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PUBG has been updated! The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. lazytoxic

    RENEWAL rust cheat

    Hello, i guess you will have to wait a bit, because the cheat and the HWID spoofer are still on test
  2. lazytoxic

    EAC-company of dumbs.

    Well I think your spoofer get detected after some time
  3. lazytoxic

    Insurgency Free to Keep for 48 hours!

    Always sharing good Deal lol, You are The best !
  4. lazytoxic

    [Video] (PUBG) Spreading chaos in Sanhok

    Nice video bro !
  5. lazytoxic

    Working Hwid Spoofer for my boys

    What Windows you have ? Is in 32 / 64 Bit ?
  6. lazytoxic

    Working Hwid Spoofer for my boys

    You need to run it as Administrator. but this tool only change your Volume ID, it can work only for a soft ban.
  7. lazytoxic

    (Rust) question.

    When you got some report, if the hack is undetected eac gonna launch an investigation for you, and if they find something they will ban you, that why sometime its take some time when its the night and you had like a lot of report, you can be 80% sure of that in the morning eac will check you if you play like legit they can let you play, i know some guy like they had more than 80 report after ban, i guess that mean eac did an investigation but they find nothing suspect , the best guy know got 97 reports after ban. @how02
  8. lazytoxic

    Working Hwid Spoofer for my boys

    I dont really know about this, some people say yes but its not a comfirmed info, but i think its better to have on spoofer for this just in case
  9. lazytoxic

    Working Hwid Spoofer for my boys

    EAC have a multiple method for this ban, so sometime its working when you change your HDD or use HWID spoofer, but for some people that not working..
  10. lazytoxic

    BlackSector - More Radical Heights (Soon™)

    Nice video ! I will try it for sure if I can
  11. lazytoxic

    BlackSector - Radical Heights (Soon)

    look so good ! So fast realese ! that nice lol
  12. lazytoxic

    Anyway past hard bans in Rust?

    Its look like they got some multiples way to ban people, because some people can just buy a new ssd/hdd and they good, and some no.
  13. lazytoxic

    Anyway past hard bans in Rust?

    Yeah i hear that with chrome also. @Rollsjoyce close chrome when you play

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