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  1. Well not really, depend if he is HWID banned since a few Months, if yes then maybe it can do the job, but New HWID bans are more than HDD/SSD
  2. admin play and cheat sometime, most of admins i saw playing placed boxes on rock
  3. If they are not Admin then they used a glitch, you need to find their glitch spot, they probably found a spot where they can place a bag underground, search for their bags underground, if you dont see any bags, that mean its an Admin.
  4. Yeah but a Spoofer would be worth on price
  5. never said this hehe, you can get unbanned if you do some research on the web for a semi-private spoofer.
  6. You need to be invited on Rust or PUBG before you can use the Spoofer, and its Free for Rust and PUBG Subs.
  7. Well if you are HWID banned, you will need to buy a new PC or Use a Working HWID Spoofer.
  8. Trust me when you've made a good hack on a strong game anti-cheat (EAC ) you wont make it public at all hehe, would be very sad
  9. Yes can agree with this, using a VPN is usless, also that bad because admin can check if you are using a VPN so that Obvious. Trust me you can turn off your VPN ( I dont have a Dynamic ip btw)
  10. Yo probably had some reports
  11. 86 hrs cant be delayed ban haha, for sure this guy iis UD like me and a few others
  12. every ban are diifferent, like i'm not monitors banned since i can still play without ban.
  13. Windows 10 Version 1803. But maybe it can be something on your bios or shit, what about if the users who get banned are HWID Banned + Monitors ID ? I know now EAC can Log your Monitor(s), I know i can trust this info since the guy who told me that is a Legend Here So it can be a reason, but i dont really know... But one guy also sent me a message like 2 week ago, he was getting banned in 30 min each time, so he asked me how i'm not banned lol, i just said i dont know. One Week later managed some shit on hes PC, Fresh Windows and he few others Programs, now he can play without ban like me. So Yeah Very Weird..
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