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  1. This is more of a testimonial. I can say out of all the hacks I have ever used. Black Sector Solutions goes above and beyond in every category How02 and the staff on here are some of the most helpful and supportive people I have every met. The amount of times I have seen them to go out of their way to help an individual is remarkable. This website provides some of the best undetected cheats I have ever seen hit the market, and I don't doubt that this community is growing bigger than ever. CSGO - I have used the CSGO cheats before and the flawlessness the cheat provides is impeccable, no unreasonable menus the cheat just gets right to the point, the features and fuctions of the cheat are reliable and all you need. PUBG - I havent managed to get a good long play with the cheats as i'm not a fan of PUBG, but after using BlackSector on PUBG, it made the game a hell of a lot more enjoyable, the loot esp and functions of being able to selectively choose what loot is wanted to be seen is incredible. As well as there are so many convoluted cheats on the market that make cheating in games like this too obvious leading to quick and swift ban, but the function-ability of being able to tweak settings such as FOV, and smoothness is incredible and makes the game so much more to play. RUST - I have used BlackSectors Rust cheat for months and months, and this.... is nothing short of the best cheat sold on any site. I'm telling you this, if and when you are able to play BlackSector through rust, it will totally put any cheat or program for rust to shame, as How02 has made this cheat flawless in everyway, providing updates as to referals and whenever a game update comes out. I have never seen a developer more dedicated to making the cheat more accessible and easy to use through every update and change the game receives. Most cheat delevopers out there are really only in the game for money, but I can tell you this.... How02 loves making money, but more importantly loves running a business and community that he can call his. I have been using the Rust cheat now for 2 Months and 4 Days without any spoofer or protection, and I have not been banned once. The cheats on this site are truly the best money can buy. 10/10 -Denied
  2. I've been using BlackSector for one month straight and haven't been banned once.
  3. Been a while, haven't had a lot of time to record i'm gonna get more soon But for now, enjoy
  4. If you are having an issue possibly with trying to start a BS game cheat. Try creating a desktop shortcut of the game.
  5. This video is a little old, but black sector makes moments like these bliss.
  6. Denied


    Read into this post for the information you're looking for.
  7. I have been gone for some time now. I was in the Coast Guard. Yet, i am back and i will be making more videos for Black Sector. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsE1_-t6O_06zE2KS3dpPmg Follow my adventures with Black Sector here, and i'll show you why Black Sector is the best.
  8. When you are banned from a server, which i mostly play modded vanilla. Because when caught on official its usually a full game ban But does anyone have any solution to bypassing a modded server ban. Possibly an IP ban, or account ban, because i dont think server owners have the ability to HWban themselves Any solutions new accounts, VPN.? I have a VPN but wondering if i need to just buy a new account
  9. That game has like 200 people playing I doubt he'll consider it.
  10. A short tage of funny rust hack moments again... I keep missing some good ass clips... Suggest whatever else you wanna see Gonna do a indepth feedback soon. Thanks
  11. Gotta wait till applications are open again.
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