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  1. Im saying bs rust hasnt been up in so long, don't mess with me, you got a brain dawg?
  2. I think How02 is working on it, but I know he's a solo dev for the site, so it will probably take a little bit.
  3. Its been so long, don't play with my heart plz
  4. Please bring it back How02
  5. Denied


    ah the memories
  6. There probably won't ever be a BlackSector discord.. discord's tos is strictly against any type of cheating, or game manipulation. Every hack/cheat discord ive ever been in has been banned between 3-9 days.. 9 days being the longest i've seen one up. Most likely won't happen dawg
  7. The reason BlackSector doesn't have a public discord is because the discords basis would be off of something on Discords TOS. Discord does not allowed servers to be themed around Cheating. Every site that sells hacks that has had a discord will for the most part be taken down.
  8. For everyone constantly spamming the forum looking to purchase Rust or PUBG The programs are not available right now, spamming the forums, where its supposed to be a general discussion to have a sort of social space for this website is not to be used to ask where the product is, it is not on the store because there are currently some detection issues. @how02 (The admin/developer) has always made sure that security in his products is of upmost importance) There is currently no ETA (Estimated time) of when it is going back to the store, so please refrain from making small posts of
  9. Which is why some of them are not currently listed. Once the security of the programs is made to be bullet proof it will be released again. @how02 makes sure security is the most important thing when it comes to viability of his products.
  10. Its not available right now. There's no ETA when it will come back up either. They're working on security for the programs.
  11. The only way right now i've seen working for people is by adding money to your Paypal balance. If you can't, you may have to wait until the website has the Paypal situation under control. Its not just you having Paypal issues.
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