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  1. How to avoid bans in Rust.

    I added u a while ago.
  2. How to avoid bans in Rust.

    I got banned by EAC twice yesterday for the first time was banned not using any cheats at all was a total gameban and then i logged on to a second account and was banned within 20 minutes so i assume im HWID banned, can i just do a hwid change and ill be gucci?
  3. You decide... I know I have.
  4. Bypassing Rust Bans

    When you are banned from a server, which i mostly play modded vanilla. Because when caught on official its usually a full game ban But does anyone have any solution to bypassing a modded server ban. Possibly an IP ban, or account ban, because i dont think server owners have the ability to HWban themselves Any solutions new accounts, VPN.? I have a VPN but wondering if i need to just buy a new account
  5. Hacks are good.
  6. Request Game?

    That game has like 200 people playing I doubt he'll consider it.
  7. Rust Hack Moments #1

    A short tage of funny rust hack moments again... I keep missing some good ass clips... Suggest whatever else you wanna see Gonna do a indepth feedback soon. Thanks
  8. Gotta wait till applications are open again.
  9. Random Rust Shit

    Random Rust Moments. Just to keep you smiling until applications open again...
  10. PBUG want to buy

    @wantsupport Once the cheat is 100% undetected... There is no time for when it will come out..
  11. Both pretty crazy bikes. If you did get one, think about it this way you probably wouldnt ever have to upgrade again.. Anyone can start on any bike, my friend started on a s1000rr, and never rode a bike before that and did just fine. Its not the bike that will kill you, its you...
  12. Honestly... i started on a 600... did just fine You must learn to respect a bike, or you will kill yourself 80% of motorcyclist crashes are due to others liability 20% mixes in with stunters, and user errors... Fuckhead drivers ruin it for others...
  13. NIce dude, just take it slow... I started small 600cc and it helped alot Speed is easy to abuse..
  14. after doing some insurance research though... my insurance was 75$ a month