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  1. Ok and when you say gmail accounts do you mean like connect them to the new steam account or literally don’t log into the gmail accounts like on google ?
  2. so if i just buy a whole brand new computer and never touch any of the banned accounts i can play legit again ? no spoofer no nothing?
  3. so fuck me im never getting unbanned is what you are saying
  4. and so if i buy something from the store on this site the spoofer will pop up in the store ? how much is it?
  5. buy a spoofer and new account and thats it?
  6. so since you are HWID banned do you do those steps yourself every time you want to play rust? if you could add me on discord so i can talk to you more i would really appreciate that CMW Dequarias#7062
  7. im currently crying because i got game banned from rust 313 days ago and want to play again
  8. So let me first start off by saying..... i miss rust I was banned 313 days ago by detection... i made a dumb mistake and played with my cheats right after a update and EAC got me.. So ive done little research and bought many more accounts and have came to the conclusion that i am HWID banned? computer banned? something like that In a pretty deep hole but im sure someone knows how to get me out of it in these past recent weeks i have been wanting to play rust again and have come to the thought that the only way is to buy a new computer and move houses? DOES ANYONE know
  9. Andy123


    When I go to the store for RUST cheats it comes up blank..... can someone help me? I want to purchase some RUST cheats
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