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Found 3 results

  1. So i was wondering if i was hwid banned in rust can someone tell me ways i can tell?
  2. So let me first start off by saying..... i miss rust I was banned 313 days ago by detection... i made a dumb mistake and played with my cheats right after a update and EAC got me.. So ive done little research and bought many more accounts and have came to the conclusion that i am HWID banned? computer banned? something like that In a pretty deep hole but im sure someone knows how to get me out of it in these past recent weeks i have been wanting to play rust again and have come to the thought that the only way is to buy a new computer and move houses? DOES ANYONE know of a way i can actually play rust legit again? CAN ANYONE give me the full explanation on how to play again ? much appreciated fellow gamers !
  3. UPDATE: Dear Users! The Battleye is coming.. Fortnite is going to drop one of the best Anti-Cheats on the market today, were working on it. Were working on every support ticket and every question you make. No, were currently not ready for Battleye, but were working on it. No, you dont lost your Money, just take you time, drink some tee or cola and wait till our Staff team decided what is going to happen. No, we cant give you any Date for a Cheat Update. If you got any questions, please here. Greets!
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