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  1. How often do you masturbate a day?
  2. Aint you play some games for a good story and gameplay hack is mostly for competition or lazyness
  3. Already started rust now but go for Kingdom hearts or final fantasy trilogy
  4. Hey does anyone know what some really cheap or worth the price game that are really fun? I would prefer if they are free, but if they are cheap or are seriously worth their price then i would love to be recommended it. Games i play: league of legends Rust, , World Of Warcraft, Hearthstone Diablo3
  5. That was actually the nutest post ever . Your born as a Cheater
  6. I just start hardcore flaming and being salty as fuck just to make that motherfuckers clear i dont like what they say
  7. As title says, if you have been called out for cheating, how did you handle it?
  8. I hated getting pooped on by zergs and other hackers. ruined the game for solo players or two-man groups
  9. I want to make some E-Girl friends cause im good with hacking
  10. You have chances to get invited by being active and show interest to the community by helping others or just smalltalk with other members make friends and show that u like to be a part of the community
  11. You need to get invited. So stay active even when ur invited and help out the community
  12. Betchi

    Rust cheat

    Very informative review. Would be nice if i can use this hack sometimes too just awaiting a invitation
  13. Music fits with the video
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