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  1. I deserve to win, because winning isn't everything, it is the only thing!! I deserve to win because i was born to win, but to become the winner i need to plan to win prepare to win and expect to win.I deserve to win because i want so. I deserve to win because my aim and goals are the fish's eye and i’m my own Arjuna! I deserve to win because i’m dedicated towards winning. I deserve to win because i have it in myself to takeover my flaws and work on them till the time i’m just not perfect. Winning isn't always about coming first my dear! Its about me performing better than my own-self every next time. I deserve to win because i’m the one who puts in the efforts to change my fate towards winning. Everyone deserves a chance to win, but making the most out of that chance to win is what i have always done. Surest way to success is hard work. I deserve to win because i’m my own hero! I’m no extra ordinary person's second version, but i’m my own first version!. I deserve to win because i want to, i have to and i always will. After all nothing succeeds like success and most importantly "if i don't see myself as a winner, i can't perform as a winner"
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