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  1. anatidaephobie

    PUBG Cheating

    Just letting you know that they are aware off you. There have been posts about you in a competitive pubg discord who is in contact closely with CManagers from PUBG but i guess you really just want to have some fun
  2. BSS runs fairly well and the security is on point as long as you arent manual banned for playing too obvious. You get a variety of settings to fit your own playstyle from hvh like rage settings to smooth legit settings where the aimbot is basically like a controller aim assist. From what people have complained is that the fps will get a hit if you use BSS but that is negligible as you just have to turn of the item esp when you're done looting in the early phase. My only complain and i hope that is going to improve is that there arent any manuals or information about what feature (especially the aimboot smooth settings) does exactly what. Which makes it a bit finicky to find your own best legit settings. So if someone from Staff finds the time to explain all settings and make it a sticky i think it will reduce a lot of questions regarding settings for new customers. All in all 10/10 would recommend.
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