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  1. pompiier2603

    Rust cheat

    Good I really want to have it:)
  2. Very good movie, I really want to have it:)
  3. Hello, Good evening, I come here to introduce myself, and share a can my gaming experience. I am French, I live in Basse-Normandie, I am currently 19 years old and soon 20. I really have a very bad English, I am forced to use Google translation. ^^ I play at rust for almost 1 years, I start cheating with a site or I will not mention the name ' Iwant..... ', without telling you the rest of my success:) after 2 days I was banned. I also cheat on Counter Stricke Global Offensive, with a private hack "Unkno.... " really sympathetic. I'm looking for a BBS hack on RUST very serious and fast enough, but hey I know all the steps to follow. On his beautiful words, I hope you have managed to understand my translation ^^ I wish you good luck. Germain 'Pompiier2603'
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