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Found 5 results

  1. Not sure how many of you are playing solo for the fun of solo, I would like to play to win with some other "(PEs) performance enhancement users." I'm speaking of MM; any number is excellent, of course, a full team would be helpful for many reasons. I've got above average skill in FPS games getting back into CS with GO and planning to play to learn it right (minus some PE) I'm open to sorting it privately by Comp Ranks or whatever you're willing to play/carry. I don't think playing with a GE would make sense for me unless they are teacher types and want to make chill convo/friends. DO NOT POST YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT UNTIL YOU VET YOUR PRIVACY! Before you begin, what happens in BlackSector stays in BS: Private/Friends ONLY privacy levels need to be set up to protect each other from possible links/proof. CME - Play with GN1-4s currently, willing to play with anyone high or low ranking while teaching and learning from one another. DIRECT MESSAGE ME TO JOIN/PARTY Post in this thread or PM me I have notifications
  2. Hey whats up guys, i'm a very new member of the Black Sector community and i am hoping to get trusted one of these days for the PUBG cheat. I think this site is great and straight forward and i don't want to be rude or anything like that but i was just wondering if anyone that has made a purchase can tell me a little bit more about purchasing processes, software setup, bans/suspensions and how long it took them to get trusted.
  3. Hey everyone, i'm fairy new to the BS community but have known about Rust hacks / hacks in general and have always been interested in hacks but never knew where to look for good secure hacks like BS has. Since this is my first post in this new community i'd like to get to know some of you. What games do you all play? What's your stand point on hacks? Mine personally is that I like to use them for fun and try not to take away from other people's experiences with the game. Anyways, hope to stick around in this community and meet some new people and definitely gonna invest in some mods here.
  4. I would like to get involved and become apart of this community in the near future. I found out after I came here that some of you guys are french, and I found this kind of cool because I speak French as well (however I'm primarily English) I want to get to know some of you... maybe we could play some csgo together or something? I use my own cheat (that a friend and I made) that is gonna stay private. my csgo smurf has 350hrs with cheats, as I am very safe with what I do (I really only use a type of ESP) I play rust as well, but I do not have any cheats for that game.... But if you ever need someone to play with I have 1500hrs was thinking of buying this cheat for csgo, or even rust if I could and making a show case/ad for the cheat. (Snow ball mic, decent voice, good at editing) really looking forward to becoming apart of this community and getting to know you guys! Happy holidays! aussi, si vous êtes francais c'est d'accord avec moi (mais j'ai un accent)
  5. Hello! I am new to this community but not to the hacking scene. I am looking for a community to get involved in and get to know. I am a native English speaker, however I speak French as well. I play cs and rust and was looking for a rust cheat and I stumble upon this site. If I could get any information on this cheat that would be great! Thanks for the info and happy holidays
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