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  1. 1) Delete folder - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata - It is used to ban you ! 2) Delete the following folder - C:\Windows.old 3) Delete the following FILE - C:\Windows\System32\restore\MachineGuid.txt 4) Change IP. 5) Restart PC and spoof again. Might help!
  2. got 46 hours on a acc using spoofer and rust cheat. got server banned from rustafied because i did not use VPN and they linked my acc to an old banned acc. but i did not get a eac ban. only ban from rustafied servers. seems like spoofer is strong af right now.
  3. thanks for sharing bud!
  4. Just chill. Stay active and get involved in the community! Your day will come
  5. ur paint skills are absolute beast
  6. Agree. And if you only want it for the skins u can just turn off every other feature but the skins tbh.
  7. You just gotta wait until invites open, and write an application. Meanwhile just stay active in the community! Read forums, join discussions and help others cheers bud!
  8. Nice review bud! thanks for your honesty
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