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Invites for Rust are currently closed but they will open again soon !

PUBG is now available to the public !


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  1. Agree. But i really think the original is just perfect tbh
  2. Agree. And if you only want it for the skins u can just turn off every other feature but the skins tbh.
  3. You just gotta wait until invites open, and write an application. Meanwhile just stay active in the community! Read forums, join discussions and help others cheers bud!
  4. Nice review bud! thanks for your honesty
  5. Hi bud! When you make the payment you will be granted access to the client download page. And you will be able to start using the cheat straight away.
  6. I agree, and it totally makes sens bud! A status page would be nice yea
  7. Hi everyone! It has come to my attention that people are asking for status on cheats and ETA when cheats become undetected etc. As a proud member of this community i feel like we're lacking on how the information flows. And as a side effect of this is people are filling up the chats and forums with question about if a cheat is undetected or not. My suggestion is simple. If a staff or Admin write a post in the forum once a week. (Or more rapidly if needed) On what the Developer have been working on, progress and what's "next". To clarify I'm not talking about when new features are added! I'm talking specifically on progress from detected to undetected status. And i totally understand that the developer WILL not share sensitive information that could lead to wrong people getting this information. I'm thinking purely of general progress and information that WILL not harm the cheat's status nor the community. Other than that i know How02 is working really hard and doing great work. Thanks bud! Cheers
  8. Kridra

    Rust Rage Hacking

    Gonna make a sick montage myself when i get my hands on this cheat
  9. Kridra

    Rust Rage Hacking

    Ear rape, but other than that nice showcase bud!
  10. Keep updating us bud!
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