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[TUT] How To Use The BlackSector Watermark


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It has come to my attention that not many people use the BlackSector Watermark in their videos and they don't put their video as unlisted (If you put a video as unlisted, no one can see the video without the url.) So, for example if you upload a video put it as unlisted and then post it on here, only BlackSector members can view it here. If you don't do this and don't provide the watermark other people could download the video and use it to scam others. If you don't do the steps above. 


So, to ensure others safety I will provide a tutorial in how to use the watermark. This way if you do decide to put the video public on YouTube it will be protected by the BlackSector logo and scammers won't use it to their advantage.


Step 1: You need the BlackSector logo, which I provided. 



Right click and save image as.. decide where you would like to save it. Either it be the desktop, downloads or pictures.


Step 2: You need an editing software this could be: Sony Vages, Adobe Premiere. This tutorial will use Sony Vages 15.


Step 3: I have made a video to show you how to use the watermark and set it up in Sony Vages 15

Disclaimer: I will not be showing you how to add effects such as a blur effect to blur out your name or kill feed. I am simply showing you how to use and apply the BlackSector watermark nothing else. 

I don't know why.. but the video doesn't want to go into the centre of the screen.


Now that you've watched the video I hope this has helped you how to apply the BlackSector watermark in the future of your videos.


Just a few things to note (These shortcuts are for Sony Vages Only):

Scroll wheel on the mouse allows you to zoom in/out of the the video timeline.

If you press S on your keyboard it will split the video

If you press delete it will delete the part of the video you split


These shortcuts will making editing a lot easier. 


I hope this tutorial was informative and useful.




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